100 Days

Wednesday April 29th, 2009 – Lake Villa, IL

Everyone in the media was yammering on today about how it’s Barack Obama’s 100th day in office. Personally I couldn’t care less. I’ve got my own problems. My feelings for politicians in general aren’t very favorable so why go off on the big cheese? Is life in our country better than it was 100 days ago? It depends on who’s asked. I’m still hanging on.

My lifestyle doesn’t change much no matter who the president is. I’m out here trying to turn a buck and survive. I’ve been able to do it so far but that’s about all I’ve been able to pull off – survival. I’ve never been able to put it over the top and build any kind of secure life. As I get older that really is starting to appeal to me but will it make me truly happy?

Of course not. Nothing can ‘make me’ truly happy. I have to make myself happy. Doing what I love to do is a great start but having to be concerned about how my bills are going to be paid is a major distraction and in fact takes away some of the joy of what I’m doing.

I kept hearing about the ‘100 days’ today and it got me thinking every time I heard it. If I were really to bust my ass and have a plan of focus and work that plan I’ll bet I’d make a ton of progress in 100 days. I guess anyone could. The question is WILL anyone do it?

Scraping along in life isn’t always pleasant but it doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. Money doesn’t buy anything other than freedom to make more choices. It doesn’t actually do the things it takes to make dreams come true. Most of the real fun is in the doing of all the things it takes to be successful. Money can’t buy that but it can make the journey fun.

If I’d been a rich kid I’d still have had to struggle for years to learn my craft properly. It might have meant I wouldn’t have stayed at it because hanging in there was very difficult. I didn’t always enjoy it as it happened but looking back on it staying with comedy was the best thing I have ever done with my life. I’m SO glad I did it. I don’t ever want to quit.

I went to get my new old Camry registered and that’s always a pain in the ass. At least it got done and I’m all street legal now other than the fact one of my headlights is out. Other than that it runs great now. I made an investment in the future and upgraded my situation.

Sam Walton supposedly drove the same old ratty pickup truck he had for years and I am totally not opposed to driving this tin can as long as it runs. Why not? It looks clean and it runs smoothly and that’s good enough for me. Sam Walton was thinking of other things.

I need to do that too. I think this car will be running in 100 days but what about me? I’m responsible for what goes on these next 100 days. Am I satisfied with the last 100? Nope. I did some good things but not enough for my high standards. I can do much much better.

I guess that’s my personal challenge for the next 100 days. It’s August 7th, a Friday but not any special one. It’s just a day. I can change my whole life around in these 100 days if I want to. Now the question is do I want to? I mean REALLY want to? Let’s find out.

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