New Art And A New Start

Friday April 30th, 2009 – Frankfort, IL

There’s nothing to complain about today and I’m not complaining. Actually good news was flowing all day like flatulence at a biker bar after a beans ‘n beer party. I couldn’t get it to stop, not that I wanted it to. It was a long time coming and I let the vibes flow freely.

The first highlight was getting an email from Pedro Bell’s representative saying they’ve received my payment and promo package and Pedro will begin creating the cover art for a new CD project immediately. He will base it on one of his past works ‘Hardcore Jollies’.

His art style is very unique. It’s very colorful and cartoonish and I know 99% of people who are my fans will probably not even know who George Clinton or Funkadelic is but it means a lot to me to be able to do this so I am. Honestly, it probably won’t help sell more than a few discs to those who know who ‘Capt. Draw’ is but I don’t care. This is for me.

If you’ve never seen his style he’s done the art for classic Funkadelic album covers like ‘One Nation Under A Groove’, ’Cosmic Slop’, ‘The Electric Spanking Of War Babies’ and George Clinton solo projects like ‘Computer Games’, ‘You Shouldn’t Nuf Bit Fish’, ‘Some Of My Best Jokes Are Friends’ and ‘R&B Skeletons In The Closet’. Check it out.

Another positive that rocked my world in a good way was getting the confirmation from Jerry Agar that he has indeed been hired by WGN radio and starts on air this weekend. He will be bringing the Kidders with him and that means a whole new audience for all of us.

WGN is going through a reinvention just like most big AM blowtorch radio stations are but it’s still a huge deal to be on it and I was thrilled to hear the news. Jerry has needed to find some kind of work for a while now and even though this isn’t a full time gig Monday through Friday like he had on WLS it’s got the potential of leading into something good.

Jerry will be doing three separate four hour shifts – two on Saturday and one on Sunday. The Cubs and Black Hawks are on WGN so he’ll get bumped often but that’s still a lot of air time and a ton of new listeners will get to hear him…and us too. This is a nice break.

The program director at WGN is a guy Jerry worked for in Minneapolis years ago. He’s very competent and knows Jerry and that’s good for us because he’s the kind of guy that’s able to hire a talent and then let the talent do their job. I don’t think he’ll be a problem for us and in fact I’ve met him two or three times briefly in the past and I think he’s sharp.

This is a great opportunity for us to get some nice exposure. Jerry will have us on every week like he did at WLS and hopefully this time we can parlay that into some live shows in the area and put some fannies in seats. We all have fun with this so I’m glad we’re on.

Tonight I did a show way down south in Frankfort, IL at a place called ‘CD & Me’. It’s booked by Ken Sevara who’s also one of the Kidders. We had dinner at his house and got to hang out and then went to the show and kicked ass. This is how life is supposed to be.

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