Road Rejuvenation

Thursday September 27th, 2012 – Morgantown, WV

   Welcome to the 21st Century. In the old days, it was enough to handle just to make it to a town to do a show. That was about the only focus a comedian needed to have. These days however, to not use the car as a mobile office where business can get done is foolish. The game has changed.

I had a 330 mile drive from Lexington, KY to Morgantown, WV today and not only was there pleasant scenery to enjoy, there were contacts to make. I’m working hard on setting up a benefit event and comedy show for Officer Josh Albert on October 17th at Shank Hall in Milwaukee, and there isn’t much time to get everything done. I need to take advantage of every available minute.

So far, it’s all falling in place without a glitch. The comedy part is booked, and it’s going to be a solid lineup – even though it doesn’t really matter. I mean, who’s going to bitch about a charity show being terrible? It’s about the cause. Does anyone show up at a wedding just for the food?

The quality of the show itself in those situations is never all that important. What needs to be of far higher priority is not only getting butts for all seats, but finding creative and effective ways to generate the most money for the cause. That’s my focus, and I want to hit a financial home run.

I had an idea to get comedians to donate two copies of their CD or DVD – one for Josh to listen to as he recovers and the other to be used in an auction situation. I know quite a few of my comic friends have very funny products, and it would be a way to get their names out too. It’s win/win.

I’m also hoping to get some items to have an auction. I put the word out with my contacts for a signed picture of Jay Leno and David Letterman, and I’ll contact people like Jeff Foxworthy and Drew Carey who would know who I am. I’m sure I’ll have to go through a maze, but that’s fine.

I’m going to put on an event the way I’d want someone to put one on for me. It’s nothing more than a prime example of The Golden Rule in action, and since I said I was going to do it I want it to be a stellar event. I always have grandiose visions at the start of any project, but that’s good. It keeps standards high and gives me something to shoot for. I want this night to be a huge success.

Tonight I did a show at West Virginia University in the ‘Mountain Lair’, and it was again a lot of fun and well received. I don’t know why it has taken so long for me to finally be able to relate to college audiences, but I’m able to do it. As frightening as it sounds, I’m more than twice most of their ages and they could be my children. Still, I’ve been able to find common humor ground.

I really enjoyed these last two nights, and it was fun to watch the opening acts each night. They were both white males in their 20s, and both of them reminded me a lot of myself. I was that guy when I was that age, and I know exactly what they’re going through. Both are putting their show together, but more importantly they’re getting their road chops. I tried to encourage them both.

I’m not kidding anyone though, my road days are numbered – or at least I hope they are. I need to find a way to make a buck closer to home. But for a few days, I feel like I’m a road dog again.


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