An Apple At Last

Monday January 31st, 2011 – Park Forest, IL/Chicago, IL

One would think with how dorky and boring I am, I’d know a lot more about computers than I do. It’s like I have the worst of both worlds. I’m not a hip social butterfly, but I also can’t break into the government’s computer and transfer funds to my bank account either.

I can barely check emails without having to call tech support. In high school there was a class that programmed a big computer, and I went out of my way not to take it. I had zero desire to be around any of that, and of course it would only be the biggest thing on Earth.

That being said, I finally made my foray into the world of Apple computers and bought a Mac. Almost every entertainer of any kind I know of uses one, and the geekier they are the more they’ve told me how much I need to get one too. They swear by, not at them.

My friend Dave Rudolf has always been a big proponent of them and has suggested this for years. He’s a musician and records his own cds in a home studio and he just upgraded his equipment and had an extra unit available. It’s a desk top model with a 17 inch screen.

That’s all I know right now, but I know I got a good deal. I’ve known Dave forever and he’s as honest and generous as they come. He wouldn’t sell me a dud, and he loaded it up with all kinds of software and programs that he thought I could use. I went to his house in Park Forest, IL to pick it up today, as there is talk of a big snow storm later in the week.

I sat at his kitchen table as he gave me a demonstration of all it could do, and I was lost in about thirty seconds. It’s got all kinds of bells and whistles, and it’s WAY more than a halfwit like me will need. I do emails and keep files of my comedy stuff, that’s about it.

It’s going to take me a long time to figure things out, but Dave and a lot of other people I know will gladly help point me in the right direction. I take their word for it and am on a mission to learn what I need to know. I’ve finally made it to about 1992, even thought it’s 2011. I moved up a year or two. Maybe one of these years I’ll get close to the real world.

I know I made a smart investment, and I’ll have a backup for the laptop PC I use now to meet my needs. There’s nothing wrong with it, but I’ve had it a few years and it’s due for an upgrade. I’ll keep using it until it doesn’t work and learn about Mac in the mean time.

This is an expense that makes sense, and it feels like a good deal all around. A used one is more than I need, and Dave can use the money to defer the cost of his new one. He will keep me updated on all I need to know, and in the long run I’m sure I’ll be glad I did this. I know if I have any problems or questions, I’ll be able to get his help whenever I need it.

Too bad Dave’s house is 92 miles one way from where I live. It’s a whole lot shorter to go up to Milwaukee, but Dave is worth the drive. He’s a creative madman and one of my all time favorite people. I knew in the first minute of him showing me what was included in the deal and demonstrating what the computer could do that I made the right decision.


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