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Opening Day Of Destruction

April 7, 2010

Monday April 5th, 2010 – Chicago, IL

I know it’s not right in most people‘s eyes, but I cheer for more than one baseball team. As a kid growing up in Milwaukee, I heard radio broadcasts of the hometown Brewers as well as both Chicago teams. At night, it opened up even further. I listened to the St. Louis Cardinals on KMOX, the Cleveland Indians on WWWE and The Detroit Tigers on WJR.

Once in a while I’d find a Cincinnati Reds game on WLW or a Minnesota Twins game on WCCO. I thought it was great and as a kid all those places sounded far away and even kind of exotic. Hearing local streets in Cincinnati I never heard of before was a real kick.

Maybe I was a geek, but who cares? It kept me out of trouble when I was 11 and I loved hearing the broadcasts because I enjoyed baseball. It was especially fun to hear the teams of the National League, because the Brewers were in the American League then. I grew to really love the Chicago Cubs, and found myself cheering for them in the National League.

I suppose if it came down to it I’m a Brewer fan, but only because that’s my home team. It’s not my fault they moved to the National League, but when they did it presented a real dilemma. I like both teams, and depending on who’s hot at whatever time I cheer for them to win it all. Two years ago both teams were in the playoffs, and so were the White Sox.

Living in Chicago, it’s not possible to cheer for both the Sox and the Cubs. It has to be one or the other, and that’s how it is. Those who cheer for both cheer for neither. I guess I don’t hate the White Sox, but I don’t really cheer for them either. I may get to a couple of games every year, but that’s about it. I just go to take in the summer baseball experience.

That being said, the weather today was spectacular and I actually thought about driving up to Milwaukee and trying to get a ticket to the game. I haven’t been to an Opening Day in years, but in my day I used to show up whenever I could. I’ve sat through sleet storms, pelting rain, nasty snow and bitter cold, all to fight thousands of drunks for a urinal spot.

When I was a kid, County Stadium was the Brewers’ park and it was a dark dingy hell hole with no character at all. Add 55,000 boozed up halfwits in 31 degree weather and it’s not anything I want to relive again. Today was different. I wanted to go sit in the sunshine and soak up some vibes. Miller Park is gorgeous and I do enjoy watching games in there.

Thankfully I didn’t go, and the Brewers lost to the Colorado Rockies 5-2. That took the wind out of my sail in a hurry. How can a home team lose on Opening Day? There’s a ton of positive energy, and a packed stadium is cheering for the victory. I felt like I got kicked in the face and had I gone in person I’d have really been upset. Am I a fair weather fan?

I guess I am. Then I turned over to see what the Cubs did and they got annihilated 16-5. I heard it was their worst opening day loss in 126 years and I’m glad I didn’t have to see it happen. It was hard enough to listen to the Brewers stink it up. I know there are 161 more chances to win, but I’m scorched right now. Forget about baseball, bring on the Packers!