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Sadie Steals The Show

December 18, 2012

Sunday December 16th, 2012 – Kenosha, WI

   One of the reasons I enjoy hosting The Mothership Connection radio show on AM 1050 WLIP in Kenosha, WI on Sunday nights from 8 to midnight so much is I get to be in charge of booking the guests. There is an ample supply of fascinating stories and I always enjoy showcasing them.

Usually the guests we have on are of a paranormal theme, but sometimes I’ll stretch it if I think it’s an interesting enough topic. That was the case tonight as we welcomed Joal Derse Dauer and her friend Chris who are nursing an amazing dog named Sadie back to health after being brutally shot between the eyes and left for dead in the wilderness of Kentucky. It’s a remarkable story.

I met Joal a few months ago when I did a benefit comedy show at a no kill animal shelter up in the Milwaukee area called Acres of Hope and Aspirations. Lisa Alberte is in charge up there and they help people dealing with brain injuries. Find them at

Lisa and her crew do spectacular work with both animals and people, and anytime I can spread the word about someone doing good in the world I’ll absolutely do it. I know it’s not paranormal, but I call the shots so I say what gets on the air. It’s close enough, and our listeners didn’t mind.

That’s why I decided to have Joal, Chris and Sadie on tonight. I thought there was a need for a feel good story, especially after the ugliness of the Connecticut school shootings. That’s been an absolute nightmare for the entire nation, and I wanted to avoid staying on such a negative path.

This was exactly what the doctor ordered. Sadie was pure magic and made everyone feel great. She has a very tangible vibe that radiates from her at all times, and she was the undisputed star of the evening from the instant she got out of the car and limped up to the door of the radio station.

Joal and Chris told us that Sadie has been making miraculous and steady progress and is doing wonders as far as her recovery is concerned. She’s getting constant therapy and attention and she continues to improve by the day. Seeing her in person and feeling her wonderful energy was one of the most inspiring moments I think I’ve ever had. She will be an inspiration to all who see her. is the website Joal and Chris have set up for people to learn the story of Sadie and what she has had to overcome. It was only April of this year when all this occurred, so it’s only been a short time. I challenge anyone with a heart not to be moved by this touching tale.

Joal and Chris are accepting donations, and for only $10 or more they have a coupon book with all kinds of discounts to local Milwaukee area events that’s also a 2013 calendar. I would donate even if there wasn’t a fantastic deal like that attached, and I hope others will join me. This is why we’re here in my opinion – to help those who really need it. Sadie deserves a chance to recover.

This is a powerful story that should be told to as many as can hear it. I’d like to pump a couple of rounds into the scumbag who would do something like this, but the damage is done. Now it’s up to the rest of us to do the right thing and show kindness. Sadie makes it difficult not to do it.

Acres Of Hope And Aspirations

September 24, 2012

Sunday September 24th, 2012 – Muskego, WI

  Each and every day of late I’m learning to appreciate life more and more. My level of gratitude is skyrocketing, and I realize with crystal clarity that the reason we are all here is to help as many other people as we can. I can’t control what anyone else does, but as for me I want to do my part.

Last night it was a cancer fundraiser in Sparta, WI and this afternoon it was another appearance at a wonderful place called ‘Acres of Hope and Aspirations’ located in Muskego, WI that focuses on helping people dealing with brain injuries. The person in charge is Lisa Alberte – a nurse with a vision who has really put together an amazing network.

I was made aware of Lisa by my radio friend Robert Deglau. Robert and I went to grade school together and reconnected a few years ago. He and his wife Karen are huge animal lovers, and the Acres of Hope facility is a home for recovering animals that are used as an important part of the process for the brain injury clients in their own recovery. I have never seen anything quite like it.

There were cats, dogs, a pair of pet deer, a pair of donkeys, miniature horses, tortoises, parrots, peacocks, chickens, geese and even blind ducks. It was a stunning sight to behold to say the least and I felt a loving vibe as soon as I walked through the gate. There is positive energy coming out of that place, and any time I can be a part of that or add to it I am there. I’m really glad I came.

I was hired to do a comedy show to help raise awareness for the facility, and I had no idea what to expect. Robert is a very kind person and was looking out for my well being by negotiating for me to receive payment, but seconds after arriving I knew I wouldn’t accept a penny. There was a much smaller turnout than expected because of good weather, and I felt Lisa’s disappointment.

I probably didn’t need to perform at all, but there were people who showed up and I tried to do my very best under difficult circumstances. There was no stage or sound system, but this wasn’t a show for people who were comedy fans. This was something to raise awareness for a cause that I feel is extremely worthwhile, and if I was uncomfortable for a few minutes than that’s how it is.

What about the people with brain injuries or a yard full of recovering animals? My feelings had no meaning today, and I sucked it up and did what I could. The people who showed up were very appreciative, and there was a man named Windham who was shot in Iraq and was a client of Lisa and the facility. His story was extremely moving, and everyone was in tears when we heard it.

I also met an especially nice person named Joal Dauer who has a website dedicated to bringing awareness to a dog named Sadie who was shot and left for dead in Kentucky. Sadie is recovering and Joal asked if I wouldn’t mind passing her site along. It’s inspiring.

People like Lisa and Joal and everyone at Acres of Hope and Aspirations are the true heroes of the world, even though they have struggles like we all do. Any way I can ever help anything they ever do is something I have made up my mind to do. It’s way more important than the insincerity and shallowness that can be the entertainment business. Serving humanity is life’s true purpose.