Real Milwaukee

Wednesday July 31st, 2013 – Milwaukee, WI

   What is this elusive mystery experience I hear of called ‘sleep’? I haven’t gotten any in so long I think I’m starting to qualify for zombie status. I had to be up extra early again this morning, but I’m not complaining. It was for good reason, so once again I sucked it up and crawled out of bed.

   I had to be in Milwaukee by 9am to be on a TV show called ‘Real Milwaukee’ to help promote The Milwaukee Comedy Festival which runs this coming weekend. It’s a well run event that was started by a guy named Matt Kemple eight years ago, and has continued to grow with each year.

   It mainly features sketch comedy, but also has improv and standup. Matt asked me to be a part of it years ago, and I’ve been there whenever my schedule allows. He’s an outstanding promoter and a sincere person, so anything I can do to support his and his team’s efforts is my pleasure.

   He could have chosen anyone to be a representative sampling, but of all the acts he singled me out and that’s a huge honor. My body clock wasn’t thrilled about it, but it’s not Matt’s fault I’ve been hitting it extra hard lately. There was no way I would turn down such a flattering gesture.

   It was also nice local exposure for me to be on a show I’d never been on before. In comedy we often have to show forced ‘loyalty’, so if we work at one club we can’t work another in the same town or area. On rare occasions I can see the reasoning, but most times it’s playing petty politics.

   I’ve had several appearances on ‘The Morning Blend’ on WTMJ, and they’ve treated me like a big star every time. The hosts Molly Fay and Tiffany Ogle couldn’t be sweeter, and they’re both really good at what they do. Appearing on Real Milwaukee wasn’t meant to be a slap in the face, and I’m sure they know that. It was just that today I was invited to be on to promote this event.

   Real Milwaukee has four hosts, and the two who interviewed Matt and me were Katrina Cravy and Cassandra McShepard. They were both razor sharp and genuinely nice people, and we had a fun segment that should still be available on the show’s website at

   It never hurts to make new connections, but I find it especially satisfying when they’re genuine people. Entertainment can often be plastic and fake, and I understand how it can get like that. I’m not one to play those games, but they do exist and those who master them can move up the ranks.

   I’ve had a few experiences where shows I’ve been on have not had nice hosts, and that can be a chore instead of the fun treat it should be. This was worth my trip. Just as I felt chemistry on The Morning Blend with Molly and Tiffany, I felt the same with Katrina and Cassandra. They get it.

   Matt Kemple gets it as well, and that’s why I’ll go out of my way to help him with anything he should need me to do. He and his team have put together a fabulous event that keeps on growing, and hopefully they will keep having me back. I love to be a part of things like this whenever I am able, as they’re always a win/win proposition. It’s also great to be able to do it in my home town.

   When I started, all that meant anything to me was getting home town exposure but I could not get the time of day from local media. I thought it was just me, but as I started to travel I saw that a lot of other comedians I met have “home town disease” and also felt snubbed. I guess it’s a part of the process, but I get treated really well now by most of the Milwaukee media and couldn’t be more grateful. I’ve paid my dues. It’s time to enjoy membership.


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