A Nation Of Spauldings

Thursday July 4th, 2013 – Fox Lake, IL

   It’s the 4th of July, but I don’t feel much like celebrating. The United States of America is on a horrific downward spiral, and I have serious doubts as to if we’ll ever pull out of it. A once great nation is seeing everything its forefathers visualized go down in flames because the generation of current pampered imbeciles that never had to struggle is pissing away what earlier ones died for.

   I don’t often get political as a rule, but this whole scenario makes me puke. The world is going more insane by the minute, but too few seem to be concerned about it. I don’t claim to have any answers, but I didn’t think that was my job. Isn’t that what our leaders are supposed to be doing?

   I’m sorry to say, but I have absolutely zero faith in our current pack of corrupt scumbags in the positions of power that are supposed to be representing “we the people”. We aren’t being served, and in fact I think we’re not even in the equation. Greedy scoundrels have pushed us to the side.

   There’s a sense of brazen entitlement everywhere that the world owes everyone a living, when in fact nothing that could be further from the truth. It’s out of control from the very top, and there isn’t anyone to mind the store that has any experience. I think we’re in for some painful lessons.

   Being raised by my grandparents was not always pleasant, but now I see with crystal clarity all the things they used to preach until I was sick of hearing it. I admit I laughed at the time, but they were dead on with everything they said. They lived through hard times, and it made them tough.

   Today’s generations – mine included – are clueless candy ass wimps that never had to confront any true hard times. Those before us made some gigantic sacrifices, hoping we might see a better life from it. For the most part we did exactly that – but instead of being grateful we’re snivelers.

   There’s a hilarious character in the movie ‘Caddyshack’ named Spaulding who is the grandson of Ted Knight’s character Judge Smails. He’s a nose picking dolt that doesn’t have a clue that he was born into the ‘Lucky Sperm’ club, but he still has everything he could ask for anyway. All of the caddies in the movie are fighting hard for a few scraps, but Spaulding has his ticket punched.

   America has unfortunately degenerated into a nation of Spauldings, and I couldn’t be any more embarrassed. We’re pissing away in just a few years what took a lot longer than that to build, and the masses don’t seem to be upset in the least. This disturbs me greatly, but I think it’s too late to turn it around. Human nature is playing out the poker hand, and it was inevitable from the start.

   This happens in business all the time. The grandfather starts the business and builds it from the ground up. Maybe a son or two or even a daughter joins in and pushes it over the top. Then they leave it to the grandchildren who never had to work for it – and that’s when everything unravels.

   I don’t see a reason to celebrate America quite frankly. We are in BIG trouble, but that doesn’t seem to be of concern to our esteemed President. He’s taking his family to Africa on our dime to the tune of MILLIONS, and doesn’t seem to care. I don’t think our forefathers would approve.

   Don’t think I was a big fan of George Bush either. Check out their family history and you’ll be just as disgusted as I am. They’re not our pals either. Nobody in power cares about the rest of us, and it’s that way around the entire cruel world. This human animal we are has a lot of flaws, and I wish life were different. Maybe it is in a parallel universe, but in this one we’ve got problems.

The prototype of our country today.

The prototype of our country today.


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