Losing The Race

Monday January 21st, 2013 – Fox Lake, IL

   Today is Martin Luther King Day, and that stirs up many thoughts from many people. Nobody wants to admit it, but race relations are no better today than they ever were. Sure, there may have been some half baked attempts made to smooth things out but as a whole tensions remain thick.

It’s not just between whites and blacks either. There’s still intense heat between every color of the spectrum, and probably as much or more between people of the same color. For reasons I’ve never figured out, the human animal has an extremely strong ‘us vs. them’ gene inside all of us.

We seem to need to find a common enemy, and something as stupid as a different color of skin is a good enough reason for us. If nothing else, the enemy is easier to identify that way as they’re wearing their flesh uniform 24 hours a day. Try as some might that thinking just won’t go away.

Talking about race is very uncomfortable, and that’s probably why everyone is so uptight about it. From what I’ve seen, every race seems to think they’re superior when in fact we’re all a bunch of monkeys throwing poop at each other. Nobody has it all figured out, but nobody will admit it.

Unfortunately, white people have had centuries of privilege in America and have done little for the advancement of anyone but themselves. I wasn’t part of that group, even though I’m wearing one of their flesh colored uniforms I was given at birth. I’m the lowest rank private in that army, and not a rule making officer. I didn’t get to enjoy all the spoils of war a lot of the others got to.

Now the tide seems to be turning and the white man is the target of everyone’s wrath. I can see why on many levels, but that doesn’t mean I deserve to be in the firing line – but I am. I can’t say what I really think a lot of the time, because it’s considered ‘politically incorrect’. What a crock.

For example, if I say I don’t agree with our esteemed President Comrade Obama I get labeled a flaming racist immediately. Hey, he’s half white too – but nobody seems to recall that. Actually, he’s more like Neapolitan because there’s a red stripe right down the middle. He’s a communist.

Debt is at an all time high, and he’s an arrogant puke spewing his Marxist rhetoric but millions of imbeciles are drinking it like Jim Jones Kool Aid. I don’t get it, but this guy has a charisma for the ages that lets him get away with it and if I complain about it I get called a racist and a hater.

Am I the only one that sees the danger of the slithering serpent that resides in Washington or is there hope that the people of a once great nation will wake up and take their country back? I’m a big supporter of the theory of equality, and I have no problem with a President of any color. I am just not a fan of this particular one. I wonder what Martin Luther King would think about him?

We’ve got a lot deeper problems to solve than skin color, but it still remains an issue. I wish it didn’t, but anyone who says it doesn’t is an idiot – and there are MILLIONS of idiots patrolling our planet daily to keep those unnecessary racial tensions high so we’re all afraid to say anything that may lead to an actual solution. I don’t think I’m better than anyone, but we need to fix this.


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