Back To Work

Wednesday January 23rd, 2013 – Fox Lake, IL

   The New Year isn’t new anymore, and it’s time to get back to all the projects I have incubating in various stages of completion. I’m running individual races against clock, calendar and cosmos all at once and that’s a lot of running for one individual. I’ve got all I can do to not run in circles.

I tried to touch on as many of those projects as I could today, just to give them a push forward and start the process of plate juggling. I woke up early to take an exercise lap in the Gurnee Mills mall, and it was bitter cold walking from the house to the freezing car where I sat until it warmed up to drive to the mall. Days like this are the hardest to squeeze exercise in, but the most needed.

After that I went to have a healthy breakfast of poached eggs, oatmeal and tomato juice to start the day right. I’m still not in the habit of a daily breakfast, even though I constantly read how it’s important to do so. It’s not easy to maintain, especially when I’m on the road. But I did it today.

After that I hit the thrift stores for an hour, looking for resellable treasures. Actually, I’m really trying to improve my skills at spotting things worth buying. It’s easy to get fooled, and I’m very aware of that. I’m not looking to stock myself with junk. If anything I’m looking to clear it out.

This is one part time endeavor I can do at my own pace on my own time. There are thrift shops and estate sales and flea markets everywhere, and people do sell valuable items for less than they are worth. If I know what to look for I can hope to score a fair profit and supplement my income.

I have a couple of books on what to look for, and also a few friends who are already doing this and have been for years. I know sports collectibles pretty well, but that’s about it. The real key is to have people at one’s disposal to consult about everything from furniture to dishes to jewelry or anything else that happens to pop up. I’m trying to build myself a network for future reference.

It was well before noon when I finished thrifting, and I went to check my P.O. box and have a healthy salad for lunch. Two healthy meals in a row is great, and then it was back home to begin working on my booking schedule. I never enjoy that, but it’s a necessary evil so I gave that about an hour and contacted as many bookers in that time as I could. I sent my avails and said hello.

I did manage to nail a couple of random dates, but that reminded me of another problem I have with an outdated website listing my calendar. I need to take care of that, but I can’t do it without help from my new web person and I just haven’t gotten it together with everything else going on.

That will hopefully come eventually, and sooner rather than later. There’s just too much to get after on so many levels it’s overwhelming to keep track of it all. That’s why I wanted to touch as many bases as I could today and blow the dust off a lot of things that really need to get moving.

I also spent some time working on comedy classes, and cleaned out a major pile of emails that have been festering for weeks and needed attention. I put in a full day, but didn’t really make any significant dents in the big pile. I could do it all over again each day this year and still be behind.

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