Fast Forward

Tuesday January 1st, 2013 – Fox Lake, IL/Gurnee, IL

   2013 is here, and I don’t know how I know it but I know it’s going to be the biggest year of my life. There aren’t a whole lot of other big years to compete with, but this one is going to prove to be special. For some reason, I feel it in my bones and I’ve struggled too long to not get a reward.

This is going to be my transition year, and I’m going to do all I can to maintain a positive vibe starting from today on. The past is the past, and it’s gone. I’m in a really good mindset right now, and I’m going to look ahead and make better decisions. I think I can still have a productive life.

Today I got up earlier than most comedians I know would on New Year’s Day and drove to the Gurnee Mills Mall to do three full laps of exercise walking. I usually get worn out with two laps, but I wanted to set a higher standard for this year and come out of the box firing on all cylinders.

I did my laps, and when I was through I could barely walk to my car but that’s ok. It’s the good kind of pain, and my goal is to work out at least six days a week the entire year and take my level of health higher than it’s ever been. Again, there’s not much to compete with but it’s worthwhile.

I also started what I intend to be a regular day of fasting each week. I’ve read about it for years, but never tried it consistently. I remember reading in the ‘70s Larry Hagman used to fast one day a week and the thought of it was extremely foreign at the time – especially being a Wisconsinite.

Most of us aren’t used to missing one meal ever, much less one a week. I didn’t eat one morsel of food today, and I drank as much water as I could pour down my gullet. I think we all are very much in need of better hydration, and I’m making it a point to start off this year on a high note.

I’m also interested in meditating on a regular basis. I’m not turning into some ‘woo woo’ kook or hippie type, but spiritual growth to complement physical growth is a perfect fit. I need to grow in all areas as we all do, but it’s so easy to let it lapse and I just refuse to allow for it any longer.

I put some Wayne Dyer on my iPod, and I always love listening to him. He’s got a ton of audio products, and I have quite a few of them. I love music too, but I’m going to use my walks to tune myself into more spiritual things in addition to the music as well. It took me long enough to open my eyes and get caught up to the 21st Century, but I’m already feeling the benefits of technology.

I also worked on my website plans today, and that felt great to finally get that in motion. I have let it lapse too long, and it’s time to get caught up. I also started what I hope to be a regular tweet on each of my three Twitter names – @dentedcandobie, @schlitzhappened and @uranustweets.

It’s hard enough to do one name regularly, but if I’m going to do it right I’ll make it happen for three. One is myself, the other one for Milwaukee based contacts and the last for King of Uranus stuff. These are all projects I find worth my time, and I’m chipping away at them starting today. I am going to give whatever time I have left my absolute best effort. I’ve farted around for most of my life, and if I don’t put out a full effort pretty soon it’ll all be over. This is my year to let it rip!

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