The Hammer Drops

Monday October 22nd, 2012 – Mt. Prospect, IL

   It’s hammer time, but not in the rapper kind of way. When the hammer drops in my world, it’s usually of the sledge variety and the location it drops is the base of my skull – numerous times. I am experiencing one of my legendary ‘Mr. Lucky’ streaks, and it’s not pleasant. I’m used to it.

First, I got a ticket on the way home from my radio show in Kenosha, WI for allegedly running a stop sign on a country road. I don’t think I did, but it’s my word against the officer’s. Doesn’t it make a difference that I just put together a huge benefit for an injured officer in Milwaukee? No.

This wasn’t Milwaukee, and I could tell the guy had a major bug up his ass when he got out of his patrol car. I felt it immediately. It was 1am, and apparently he had nothing better to do. I shut my mouth and took my ticket. Arguing at 1am with a pissed off cop isn’t my idea of a fun time.

This morning I had an appointment with my tax accountant who finished the returns I had been late on filing. It turns out I’m going to owe about six grand. Yikes. That totally rocked my world, but what can I do? I made some money on the cruise ships over parts of both years, and although I put some away for tax purposes I had to end up living on it as I recovered from my health mess.

I couldn’t work for several months in 2011, and had to use that money for dumb stuff like food and rent and other frivolities. That’s how it is, and it caught me at the worst possible time. I have to pay what I owe, but I don’t have the first nickel right now. I’m going to have to make a plan.

Nobody cares that I had some rough times, and the government wants their money. It will be a mammoth challenge to get it paid, but I have a choice in how I’m going to handle it. I could bitch about my unfortunate situation and be angry at the world, or use this as an opportunity to grow.

I’m going to choose the latter, and find a way to get it done. It will cause me to pay a whole lot more attention to my finances, so I guess that’s a good thing. Money has never been a priority in my life, but it’s going to have to be at least until I get this paid off. I’ll have to use my creativity.

Actually, this couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m in a pretty good place in my head these days, especially after doing the fundraiser show for Officer Albert in Milwaukee. It puts life into a much better perspective, and I realize I don’t really have any problems. Would I prefer to be in his situation or my own? I’d have to say mine is better, and I’ll take my lumps and shut my yap.

Nobody had any benefits for me when I was in the hospital, but that’s how it is. I could’ve lost my genitals, and I think about that every single day when I wake up. I can walk, I can think, I’ve got a fantastic group of friends and I have the ability to make people laugh. The rest is up to me.

For the next little while, I’m going to have to make decisions differently than I have in the past. Money is going to be more important, and like it or not I need to take responsibility and turn this situation around. I got myself into it, and I am the one who has to find a way to get out. I haven’t committed a crime, and I’ll fix this. Oh, and my ‘check engine’ light came on today. Lucky me.

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