A Plate Too Full

Sunday September 16th, 2012 – Fox Lake, IL/Kenosha, WI

   My biggest dreams and my worst fears are both coming true at the same time. I feel several of the projects I’m working on start to finally make progress, and it’s throwing my schedule into an even bigger mess than it already is. I’m getting blasted from every direction, and I can’t keep up.

This is a wonderful feeling in some ways, and a nightmare in others. I feel like the TV reporter who gets his first big national break covering the oncoming hurricane for CNN. He’s excited for the chance to be on network TV, but scared to death to be standing right in the hurricane’s path.

That’s how I’m feeling, and I don’t even have time to dwell on it because there’s too much that needs to be done. I’m pedaling my tricycle on the freeway as fast as I can, and I don’t know if an exit ramp is coming up any time soon. I wish I could hook on to somebody’s bumper and coast.

One thing that’s going well is I’ve had some inspiration of late to write some articles I’ve been meaning to crank out for a long time about standup comedy for my classes. I kept getting behind with other stuff as happens often, but for whatever reason I’ve managed to really get on a roll.

I started a separate blog about it at www.maxwellmethodcomedy.wordpress.com/ and I’m very happy with the way it’s turning out. I didn’t tell anyone I was doing it, but I’ve gotten some great feedback already from some new comedians who say they were referred to it by someone else.

I’ve never claimed to know everything, but I do know about standup comedy and this is a great chance to give back a little. There’s a lot of useful information for someone starting out, and I am totally not worried about ‘giving away the store’. This is basic information, but too few know it.

I have plenty more should anyone sign up for any upcoming classes either at www.zanies.com or www.improvplayhouse.com. I’ve also got one scheduled at Harper College in Palatine, IL for October www.goforward.harpercollege.edu/ce/  and I will keep showing up at all those places for as long as they let me. I really love the teaching process, and I know I’m giving students value.

The Mothership Connection paranormal radio show on AM 1050 WLIP in Kenosha, WI is also starting to really take off. Our facebook followers at have literally quadrupled in just a couple of months at www.facebook.com/wlip.mothership, and we’re getting listeners from everywhere on the planet. The internet is an amazing tool, and this wouldn’t have been possible until recently.

We had a house full of very pleasant company in the studio tonight with Jay Bachochin, Allen Dunski Jr. and Jackie Moran from Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators (WPI) talking about their new documentary about the mysterious drownings in LaCrosse, WI. www.wpihuntsthetruth.com is their website, and they’ve been friends of the show since we started in 2008. We had a blast.

Chris ‘CP’ Peppas is another long time friend and supporter and he came down and sat in so he could write an article about the show. http://t.co/QPEw5xU7 It’s all a lot of fun, but I swear I am going to have to clone myself about six times if I’m ever going to keep up with this frantic pace.


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