Windshield Wiped

Tuesday September 4th, 2012 – Kenosha, WI

   I’m sure I could really be getting something productive done if that pesky little thing called life didn’t keep getting in my way. Today was another waste of a chunk of valuable time, and there’s nothing to do but move on and hope for better days. Glitches aren’t planned for, but they happen.

Today’s was one that happened as I was trying to straighten out another. It all melted into a big ugly blur, and at the end of the day I find myself pissed off and frustrated. That’s not at all how I started the day, and that’s why it’s so maddening. I thought I was doing something productive.

It all started as the windshield on my car has been cracked for months. It started with one small crack on the passenger side, and it was not in my line of sight so it wasn’t an issue. Then another one started, and another one after that. I don’t remember any stones bouncing off of it, but over a period of time the two cracks edged their way from the right side toward the middle of the glass.

In the last week, it was getting worse by the day, and becoming a major distraction when I was driving. The sun reflected off of it at times, and I knew I’d have to get a new windshield at some point sooner than later. Today was the day, and I made an appointment to have it taken care of.

The appointment was in Waukegan, IL at a place called Glass City. They came recommended pretty highly from a few people I know, so I gave them a shot. They gave me the lowest estimate at $150, still more money than I wanted to spend on an aging Chevy Cavalier with high miles. In a perfect world I’d be able to move on and upgrade my vehicle, but right now it’s not an option.

Since I was going to be in Waukegan anyway, I stopped in Kenosha to have a lunch with Mark Gumbinger the film director and Lou Rugani from WLIP. I was originally going to blow off the lunch and try to get work done I’ve been meaning to do, but since I was out I decided to show up and surprise them. It turns out I was the one who got surprised, and I left my cell phone behind.

What a major pain in the ass that is in this modern age of technology. I realized it probably five minutes into my drive to Waukegan, but when I got to the restaurant they said somebody claimed the phone after I left. I was hoping it was Mark or Lou, because if it wasn’t I would be screwed.

I went to Mark’s house and of course he wasn’t there. I couldn’t call anybody, so I drove to the radio station and Lou was doing his talk show and I couldn’t ask him until a commercial break. It turns out he’s the one who claimed it, and I ended up getting it back – but not without a struggle.

This is the kind of useless insanity nobody ever plans for until it happens. It used up gas, time, energy and took focus away from what I’d planned on doing for most of the day. I thought I’d be able to have a quick lunch with some friends and get the windshield glitch taken care of as well.

I ended up showing up at the glass place late, and another car had taken my place. I couldn’t be angry, because it was my fault I was late and I couldn’t call them to let them know. At the end of the day, I did get my new windshield but that’s about it. Everything else I planned for was a bust.

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