Good Vibrations

Wednesday August 22nd, 2012 – Burlington, WI/Milwaukee, WI

   Life is a continuous series of ups and downs, and the ups are the times to relish and enjoy. I’ve had more than my share of downs and undoubtedly more are on the way, but that’s not the focus right now. I can feel a definite upswing coming in my life, and I’m delighted. I am SO prepared.

One thing that’s really starting to find a groove is The Mothership Connection radio show. I’ve tinkered with it for years and been able to devote varying degrees of energy into it, but it’s really starting to come together. I’m getting fabulous guests on a consistent basis, and am plugging and replugging into sources of positive energy that just feel right. This is how I pictured it all along.

Today I had lunch at the Sci’Fi Café in Burlington, WI with Lou Rugani from WLIP. I’ve been a fan of that place since I first visited it when the show started in 2008 but I’m ashamed that I’ve never been back. I’ve had full intention to return, but the time was just never right – until today.

Mary Sutherland and her husband Brad have been having an annual October event called “The Burlington Vortex Conference” where they bring in speakers from the UFO field since 2008. It’s an outstanding event, and I really enjoyed it when I attended that first year. For whatever reason, we never connected after that and I can’t explain why. There was never a falling out or anything.

Today we reconnected, and I’m thrilled. Their 2012 conference is going to be the last weekend in October and they’ve got another stellar lineup of speakers. More information about the event’s details are at and I plan on plugging it on the air as the date gets closer. This will be an absolute win/win for all of us, and it felt right as soon as I walked in.

I don’t know why life works the way it does, but I truly believe vibe has a lot to do with it. I’ve been learning a lot from hosting the radio show, and I’m still sorting all of it out. I don’t claim to have any concrete answers to anything, but my mind has surely been opened up to new concepts.

Sending out a vibe is definitely one of those concepts. A lot of sources mention it from religion to astrology to numerology to self help books like ‘The Secret’ or ‘The Power Of Believing’ that Phyllis Diller claimed to have changed her life. Whatever it is, vibes have an effect on all of us.

It really does feel like the vibes we send out attract other things to us with a similar vibe. Good vibes out, good vibes back. Bad works the same way. I must have been sending some horrid ones out to get some of the things I’ve received, or maybe a lot of it is random after all. Who knows?

I surely don’t, but I’m still investigating all possibilities. My vibe is good right now, and I feel a very good one coming back. I don’t know what I’m doing any differently, but I do feel it and I want to acknowledge it so it keeps coming. These are the results I want, and I’m totally in sync.

Tonight I drove to Milwaukee to participate in an open mic run by Brendan O’Day that’s held at the Miramar Theatre on Oakland and Locust. I went up to support the new comics coming up the ranks and hopefully gave them a little wisdom. That was my goal, to pass the good vibe forward.


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