Lost In Spaceship

Wednesday July 25th, 2012 – Fox Lake, IL/Libertyville, IL

   I put in another twelve hour work day today – and then I went to teach a comedy class for two more hours. I got so lost in my work that I didn’t even stop to eat. I planned on it, but I never did get around to it. When I get in grooves like this, things get done but a lot more doesn’t. It can get frustrating that everything gets pushed so far back, but also satisfying that there’s progress made.

I’ll choose to focus on the satisfaction first. I spent most of the day working on improvement of The Mothership Connection radio show. I’ve needed to do that for a long time, and I’m getting it going quite nicely. There’s a lot going on, and I’m choosing to spend a lot of energy on it lately.

The subjects we talk about on the show are things people are interested in more and more. The whole December 21st Mayan Calendar thing doesn’t hurt, and now is the time to strike. I’ve been doing the show since 2008, and I’m either going to have a payoff soon or it’s going to be over. It won’t kill me if it’s over, but I will be upset if I don’t give my best effort. That’s not acceptable.

I have very limited resources, but we are on a real radio station and I have creative freedom to do pretty much whatever I want – within reason. WLIP streams online, so that’s my saving grace. With the internet going to cars sooner than later, I’ll be able to have a chance to compete with all the big stations that ever put out a broadcast. That’s huge for us little guys, and I am delighted.

The internet is where I’m going to establish a presence with this show. We’re trying to increase the amount of Facebook friends we have, and it’s working. I’m reaching out all over the world to others who like the subjects we talk about, and there is no shortage. I want to establish pockets of loyal listeners globally, and we’re starting to get some. This is way bigger than standup comedy.

It’s also a way to get The King of Uranus name out there. I call myself that on the air, but don’t draw attention to it. It’s just who I am, and nobody has told me to stop. It’s a perfect match with our theme, and I’m going to run with it. We’re a cross between ‘Coast To Coast AM’ and a good morning show. We have fun with the guests, but don’t make fun of them. We’ve got a good vibe.

My co-host Greg DeGuire is the perfect foil, as he’s really well versed in most subjects we talk about and can speak intelligently about them off the top of his head. He’s the ‘ubergeek’, and it’s with the utmost respect that I call him that. The guy knows his stuff, and he’s right for the show.

If we’re going to take the show to the next level and make it more than a fun hobby, we’ll have to keep making improvements on the air and off. I know a radio consultant who has thrown a lot of input my way, and I’ve had to make some tough decisions recently. That’s never pleasant, but if we’re going to move ahead and have a shot at something big I have to respect the guy’s tenure.

We’re going to sink or swim, and it won’t be long before we know the result. I’m booking a lot of great guests of the paranormal, and a total website redo is on the way soon. All the right things are being done, and I feel great about the direction it’s going. It takes work though, and I put in a long day of it today. We’re on Sundays from 8pm to midnight CDT at www.wlip.com/listenlive.


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