The Real Mr. Lucky

Friday July 13th, 2012 – Reno, NV

   Friday the 13th rears its head again, and it’s not all that ugly. I love the chance to make it mine as far as promotional purposes go, and Rick D’Elia here in Reno is one of the few who have been smart enough to pick up on it so far and use it as a promotional advantage. There are never more than three in a year, and never less than one. This is the third and final Friday the 13th of 2012.

I can’t say enough good things about Rick. I liked him before, but after tonight he’s on a whole new level of exalted reverence as far as I’m concerned. We first met in 2003 at the San Francisco Comedy Competition when I was a contestant and he was the host of a few of the shows. He was very encouraging to all the contestants, and we just hit it off from the start and have kept in touch since. He’s always been involved in some side endeavor, and I felt a kindred spirit from the start.

Maybe part of the reason is we’re both left handed. I don’t know what it is about creative types and being left handed, but there definitely seems to be a link. Not all entertainers are left handers, but a disproportionately large number of us definitely are. I’m the only one of four siblings in my family that had to endure that curse, but in comedy I feel right at home. Lefties are everywhere.

It’s more than just that though. Rick is unbelievably persistent, and always has some kind of an off the wall project in various stages of completion on his plate. It’s much the same as my world, only Rick has had some significant successes. He is the producer of a Showtime comedy special called ‘The Godfathers of Comedy’ and that’s no small accomplishment. Hats off for that one.

After the show tonight we sat around and talked for about an hour after a spectacular fireworks display at the new minor league baseball stadium in town. It’s a gorgeous park, and just a couple of blocks from Harrah’s so we went over with some friends of his to see fireworks and listen to a band they liked. They were kind enough to invite me so I didn’t want to be rude and joined them.

After the fireworks and between the band, Rick and I sat and talked about all of our projects of note through the years. For whatever reason, we’re really on a similar creative plane and have no problem understanding the other’s ideas. He told me when we met how much he liked the whole ‘Mr. Lucky’ concept, but the more I talk to the guy the more I realize he might be the real one.

He rattled off story after story of how close he’s been on so many deals over the years and how some fluke came out of nowhere and squelched it right as he thought it was a locked proposition. I can totally relate, even though I wish I couldn’t. But I can. I sat in awe as he explained some of his adventures, and it made me have even more respect for him than I did before. He’s a trooper.

It would be great if guys like us would catch even a little break. Rick and I aren’t the only ones I can name, and it’s never a matter of talent. Rick is an unbelievably funny comedian in his own right, and still finds time to write books and screenplays and now book and run a brand spanking new comedy club which is opening at probably the worst time in recent memory. I’ll do all I can to support Rick and his venture, but he needs a bigger break than that. Here’s hoping he gets it.


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