Deep Thrills

Sunday June 24th, 2012 – Kenosha, WI

   Sometimes my brain wanders so far off course I have a difficult time reeling it back in. Sunday is often when that happens, probably because I get stimulated in that direction by the Mothership Connection radio program on AM 1050 WLIP in Kenosha, WI. It makes me ponder deep issues.

Today I got to thinking about how unbelievably delicate life is. It’s frightening. We’re all just a single itty bitty heartbeat away from exiting this cosmic plane, and it could happen at any time or place without the slightest warning. There are no guarantees for anyone, and ‘fair’ does not exist.

But taking it deeper than that, I’m fascinated by the impact one little thing can have depending on individual circumstances. One teeny tiny little flaw or defect in one’s genetic makeup can put that person in the trick bag for life. Thousands or even millions of details go right, but the misfire of ONE causes major problems. A blind or deaf person is an example. That one flaw is a biggie.

I’m not saying a blind or a deaf person can’t have a productive and happy life, but be real. Who would choose that voluntarily? Some have it thrust upon them later. What if someone should lose sight or hearing either by accident or a degenerative condition? It happens, but who knows why?

Everything boils down to mathematical combinations. It’s odds based, and a big numbers game that’s way more complicated than I can wrap my sputtering intellect around. If it isn’t genetics or something tangible, it’s the randomness of events. Who we’re born to, when and where are prime examples. You can’t tell me all of that doesn’t significantly help shape each of us as individuals.

Crossing paths with precisely the right person at exactly the right time can have a dramatic life altering result. What if John Lennon had never met Paul McCartney? Or what if Elvis’s twin had lived instead of dying at birth? Would they have been as famous as a matched set? There are too many of these kinds of questions to ask, and nobody has any concrete answers. How frustrating.

And is this all there is? I sure hope not, but from all I hear and read about there could be about as many possibilities as the amount of rappers that have been shot. I’ve heard a lot of theories of parallel universes, and that really wears out the hamster on my imagination wheel. I’m scorched.

I have enough trouble trying to figure out this life on this planet in this universe, even if we’re not as much as 1/1000th of a speck on the radar of our own galaxy much less the universe itself. I feel a throbbing headache coming on just thinking about all this, but I can’t help it. I’m curious.

As much as I love doing the Mothership Connection show, I feel it dying on the vine. I haven’t been able to take it to a higher level than it is, which isn’t very high at all unfortunately. It is on a legitimate radio station, but not one that can be heard by enough people to make any real impact.

It needs to be a presence on the internet, and that takes time, money and resources I just do not possess right now. I gave it a run for four years, but I don’t see the progress I need to keep going after the first of the year. Maybe I’m a big hit in a parallel universe. I wish I was there to enjoy it.

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