Internet Prophets Live!

Friday June 9th, 2012 – Schaumburg, IL

   I have a fantastic opportunity this weekend to be part of a major first time event in the Chicago area called ‘Internet Prophets Live!’ which features 29 speakers sharing ideas on how to succeed in the internet generation. It’s being held at the Marriott Renaissance complex in Schaumburg.

My friend Steve Olsher is the one putting this together, and he did an outstanding job of getting the best of the best in their fields together for a weekend of networking, learning and fun. He was very kind to include me in the mix, but also very smart. He asked me to do 20 minutes at the end of a full day of speakers as a palate cleanser right before dinner, and it worked out tremendously.

Steve is one sharp guy to say the least. We crossed paths a few years ago as he was doing a one man seminar called ‘The Reinvention Workshop’ in Chicago near Zanies. I don’t even remember exactly when it was or how I decided to be a part of it, but I’m sure glad I did. This guy nails it.

I’ve watched him develop in just a few short years into a real force in the speaking game. First, he wrote a very well done self help book called ‘Journey To You’, which I enjoyed. He followed it up with a brand new one called ‘Internet Prophets’, which he is smartly calling this conference.

I have nothing but respect for Steve, because he’s a DOER. A lot of people talk a good or even not so good game – myself included – but he gets out there and DOES it. Writing one book is not easy, but Steve has two. For now. Knowing him, he’s just getting started. I’m sure learning a lot.

It really is all about action. Well, maybe I better rephrase that. It’s about action that includes an actual plan to go with it. I do have action going for me, but way too often it’s rather scattered and not in any logical working order. Steve has been able to focus and put together some great work.

This event is a real winner, and he has a top quality staff of people around him. Amanda Black is the point person this weekend, and she has worked with Brian Tracy who is a giant in the field of self help and development. She’s really on the ball herself, and it has been fun to work with all the people Steve lined up. I showed up early to volunteer my time in case they needed any help.

I know how difficult it is to put on any event, and if I can offer my services in any way I’m not too proud to work a little. It’s nice to have a spare set of hands on deck to run an errand or handle a situation that needs dealing with, so that’s fine. Plus, I got to see some really amazing speakers.

The keynote speaker after dinner tonight was the legendary Jay Conrad Levinson. He’s famous for the Guerilla Marketing empire of books, of which I am a huge fan. He cuts to the chase and is not only a world class writer; he’s a dynamic speaker as well. He captivated the entire audience.

I was in awe of his charisma and ability to mesmerize the crowd for a solid hour. He was to the point, relaxed and in charge – even though he rarely got out of his chair. He’s been ill of late and in fact his doctors gave him six months to live a year and a half ago. He’s still around, and on the very top of his game – truly remarkable. The conference website is


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