Two For Tucson

Saturday April 14th, 2012 – Tucson, AZ

   Two more solid shows in Tucson tonight, and again I got a chance to practice my craft and get better. I really like it here, both the town and the club. I feel like I’m part of the scene, and don’t have to prove myself to anyone. Everyone knows I can do the job, and they all leave me alone to do it. I don’t have to jump through any hoops or play any stupid games. I find it very refreshing.

Oh how I wish all of the entertainment business was like this, but it totally isn’t. I happen to fit in this particular situation, so I’ll be grateful and enjoy it. I see no reason why they wouldn’t hire me back, but I don’t see a solid future ahead in comedy clubs for me. The end of the road is near.

I’ve been able to squeeze a living out of this gypsy lifestyle a lot longer than most others would keep doing it, but it’s getting old – as am I. I do still love doing the shows, but the rest of it stinks and isn’t what I want to do ten years from now. I might if every week was like this, but it isn’t.

There’s always the insane politics game, and having to deal with most bookers bores, frustrates and perplexes me. I have a hard time suffering those I find to be imbeciles well, with bullies even worse. The only thing that would eliminate that problem would be for me to become a big draw.

That may or may not happen, but the harsh reality is most likely it won’t. And if it does, I’ll not have to deal with the ones who can’t stand me now anyway so they’re out of my life forever. I’ve tried to be up front and a straight shooter with everyone, but some of them are not wired for that.

The clashes I’ve had have usually been either over a pathetically few measly but much needed and hard earned dollars, or not getting treated how I’d consider to be fairly. It then becomes a big pissing contest power struggle, and since I’m just another replaceable comedian – I get replaced.

That’s why I place such a high value on the places where that kind of insanity doesn’t happen. It proves to me I’m not the total problem, and still allows me to make a living doing what I love. I may have smart mouthed my way out of a few clubs, but in the big picture none of it matters.

The audiences in Tucson saw solid funny shows this week and there were no hassles onstage or off. I find the owner here to be a very straight shooter, and we get along just fine. He isn’t trying to be a kingpin in the show business world nor is he on any power trips. He’s a businessman, and wants to turn a profit. He admits it freely, and I find nothing wrong with that. In fact, I respect it.

I don’t do what he does, and he doesn’t do what I do. We were temporary business partners for this weekend, and next week he’ll have someone else in here with the same arrangement. It’s not personal, and everyone knows their role. I did what I was hired to do, and there were no glitches.

But now I’m unemployed again. Next week I’ve got some random one nighter that doesn’t pay all that well on Saturday night, but I had nothing else booked so I took it because it’s not that far from home. I have the C. Cardell Willis tribute show at Shank Hall in Milwaukee on Sunday and wanted to be close to home for that. But for this week, Tucson was fun. I felt like a comic here.


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