Taking Care Of Business

Monday April 9th, 2012 – Chicago, IL

   There’s nothing quite like that satisfying feeling of pride and accomplishment that comes when a task is done and done correctly, and I was able to experience it three times today. Once is a rare enough occurrence, but three times is borderline orgasmic. I could get used to this and hope I do.

There have been an embarrassingly large number of pressing issues I’ve needed to address for   quite some time now – years even – that I am just now getting around to knocking out. I’ve been busy with other things, but that’s not an excuse. Other people are busy too. I need to get current.

Getting a quality DVD done was absolutely huge. I could have used one of those twenty years ago, even though I wasn’t nearly the comic I am now. It would have set me apart, as not a lot of comics had a good video then if any at all. I had the typical one cheap camera in the back of the room shot, with garbled sound and waitresses walking back and forth during the set. That stinks.

It took me years to realize show business really is a BUSINESS – even though it’s right there in the name, plain as day. Most of us that are in it are too stupid to see that, and we think our artistic gifts alone will be enough to get us through the journey unscathed. What naïve thinking that is.

The truth is, no matter how good anyone’s show is it’s completely useless without marketing it to someone who can buy it. Sometimes that’s a booking agent and other times it’s the actual fans who buy the tickets. Either way, it’s imperative that a performer keeps current in all these areas.

I finally have a current video, even though it’s years late. It’s an hour and five minutes with no swearing, and pretty much represents what I do on stage. I was able to get it done reasonably, so even one nicely paying corporate job will more than pay back my investment. It was about time.

Business cards have also been an issue. In the past, I’ve been a master of that medium. I’ve had more business cards than I can remember, just because I like to change them around and come up with fresh ideas that hopefully get attention. I’d changed my phone number a while back, but had not gotten updated cards. Writing my new number in pen over the old one is just not acceptable.

Today I stopped at Chum Bucket Studios in Twin Lakes, WI where my friend Jay Bachochin is based and we hacked out a design in about fifteen minutes. I’d been meaning to do it for months, but today was the day and I felt like a new man as I drove away knowing they’d be ready for the C. Cardell Willis tribute at Shank Hall in Milwaukee April 22nd. I’ll need them for that for sure.

After that I drove to Jim McHugh’s house to meet with him and Mark Huelskamp about finally getting the Uranus Factory Outlet site launched. We went through some final tests to make sure a customer can order products, and the site looks really professional. It’s been a long time coming.

Tonight I hosted the Rising Star Showcase at Zanies in Chicago, and that was loaded with solid comics from all over the country who came out to audition. It felt ecstatic to get so much done in a single day, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. I feel like I’m finally making progress.


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