Podcast Promotion

Tuesday April 10th, 2012 – Fox Lake, IL

   Today was technically my day off, which doesn’t really exist anymore. I’ve got so many things going in so many directions, there’s always something I need to work on. That’s ok. I like all I’m doing, but at some point something has to pop. When it does, life will be a higher level of hectic.

If I think I’m swamped now, and I am, wait until one of these projects hits. I’m hoping for it to happen of course, but it also scares the hell out of me. I’m not one to give up control easily and if I’m suddenly a hot commodity, everyone will want a bigger piece of my time than they do now.

It’s becoming a problem, and I don’t know what to do about it. My phone is always ringing off the hook, even though there are no hooks on cell phones. People are asking for ‘just a little of my time’ which is adding up to a lot. Too much. They think I have nothing better to do but talk about their needs, and I’m finding myself worn out. It’s been a constant problem and it’s getting worse.

Today I shut off my phone and just got things done. I went to the post office, dropped off some dry cleaning, cleared up a pile of emails and sorted out tax receipts. I also listened to an excellent audio program called ‘Confessions of an Advertising Man’ by David Ogilvy. That’s a subject I’ll need to know a lot more about very soon, and I’m going in with open ears and a closed mouth.

I also recorded three more entertaining episodes of ‘The Unshow!’ podcast with Jeff Schneider via Skype. I love the fact that all I have to do is sit in front of my computer with a headset on and riff with someone I’ve known for a quarter of a century. That’s about as easy as it gets, but we’re doing it consistently and have a nice backlog of shows. It takes time to record, but it’s worth it.

We’re on five nights a week now at www.PKNRadio.com, but it’s only been a few weeks so it hasn’t given us any rabid fans just yet. Still, we’re in a position to get some, and that should lead to new fans of my comedy too. Jeff and I both agree we need to start advertising our show soon.

Every babbling idiot and their Aunt Fanny’s stuttering cross eyed gynecologist seems to have a podcast these days, and 99.999% of them are unentertaining, unorganized and unlistenable in my opinion. It’s horrific. I’ve listened to a few, and couldn’t believe how low the quality bar is set.

Jimmy Pardo got in on the ground floor, and has done well with his ‘Never Not Funny’ weekly show. Good for him. Jimmy is a very smart guy, and works extremely hard on anything he does. I respect the fact he jumped on this early, and I’m glad he’s doing well. He deserves his success.

Marc Maron is another comic who struck podcast pay dirt by having big name comedians on as guests. It’s now THE show comics want to do, and again – good for him. I don’t know Marc, but he’s around my age and has been out there slugging in the trench for years and years just like me.

Our product is completely different. We’re two unique guys who know each other well that riff on a wide range of subjects. We might go from highbrow to the gutter in seconds, and then rattle off a classic street joke. But it works. Now we need to advertise and create a loyal base of fans.


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