Season Ticket

Sunday March 25th, 2012 – Norway, WI/Kenosha, WI

  OK, now it’s just funny. When it rains, it pours, and when it pours it floods. I’ve been soaked to the bone with a cloudburst of unpleasant problems in the past few weeks, and I’m not seeing any rainbows or sunshine on the horizon to let me know the storm is going to be over any time soon.

Today’s tribulation was getting a speeding ticket in the booming metropolis of Norway, WI on my way to Milwaukee to attend a baseball card show. I had a few remaining scattered trinkets of sports memorabilia to hopefully sell, and I also wanted to hang out with some of my card friends.

It’s a whole lot shorter drive to take either IL Highway 83 or US Highway 45 north from where I am in Fox Lake, even though they both go through small towns. It’s probably close to the same amount of driving time as taking I-94, but I often choose to stay on the back roads to save miles.

I’ve made the drive back and forth countless times since I’ve moved to Lake County, and know most of the possible routes and all the detours by now. Today happened to be the day when I was passing through a small town I’ve been through zillions of times before, and the speed limit went from 55 to 35 in a hurry. There was light traffic, so I slowed down without slamming the brakes.

The police car was in plain sight as I got into town, and I assumed I had slowed down in plenty of time to avoid a ticket. Then I saw him peel out and turn on his flashing lights and I knew I had a problem. I could just feel it in the air that I was going to get a ticket, and I wasn’t disappointed.

I don’t think it’s a matter of negative thinking, or the personal vibes I’m putting out like it says in ‘The Secret’. Maybe sometimes it’s that, but this time I think it was just the regular old luck of the draw. It was my turn to get a ticket, and I got it. It wasn’t particularly convenient, pleasant or necessary in my opinion, but none of that was my call. I sat in my car and waited to get my prize.

Getting angry wasn’t going to change anything, so I didn’t. I didn’t send the cop any bad vibes or any vibes at all. He’s a cop in Norway, WI. How exciting can that be? I’m from that state and I’ve never heard of Norway until today. If his life is better for writing me a ticket, what can I do?

I’ve managed to hit the Trifecta of traffic turbulence in the last couple of weeks by getting this speeding ticket to go along with a parking ticket in Chicago and a flat tire on the freeway right in the middle of traffic. I guess it’s a grand slam, as I’m always getting nabbed by those photo cams at traffic lights. I am going to be wiped out even more when I pay all these fines, but that’s life.

I’ll find a way to pay the fines, and keep on slugging. I know in my heart I’m an honest person, and mean no harm to anyone. If the world doesn’t see that, it’s their loss. I’m busy enough trying to survive each day, playing the cards I was dealt in life. That keeps me plenty busy, believe me.

We did manage to have a very solid Mothership Connection radio show tonight on WLIP. That usually puts me in a good mood, and it did tonight. The smart thing to do is stay focused on what I can control, even though it isn’t the easiest. At least I’m not that cop marooned in Norway, WI.


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