The Dented Can DVD

Wednesday March 7th, 2012 – Kenosha, WI

A small victory is a still a victory, and I’ll take all of those I can get. Today qualifies as exactly that in my book, and that’s all that matters. Mark Gumbinger called to inform me my order of DVDs were ready to be picked up, and I wasted no time going to get them.

Any time I can add a finished product to the list of things to sell myself, it’s an absolute victory. It may be a little late, but at least I’ve finally got a quality video product that I can be proud of in my grubby little paws and it makes me feel like I accomplished something.

Yes, I could have done this long ago and probably should have. But I didn’t. There are a lot of legitimate reasons why not, but none are excuses. The fact is, it’s done now and I’m delighted to have had a chance to work with Mark and make this happen. We got it done.

We make an excellent team. He’s been a film maker for as long or even longer than I’ve been a comedian, and we just let each other do what we do best. I didn’t interfere with his production process, and he didn’t meddle with my content. It all came together perfectly.

What’s even doubly sweet was that we were able to get the whole project finished from scratch for such a ridiculously low price. Mark already owned a lot of the film equipment needed to make it happen, and Russ Martin was kind enough to lend us his camera to use along with the two Mark already had. We used our resources and called in some favors.

WLIP/WIIL in Kenosha, WI was kind enough to let us use the station for one night as a perfect intimate studio space to record, and Mark did his due diligence in filling it up with  just enough people to make it an intimate setting but still appear to be larger on camera.

Now it’s a matter of doing something productive with the finished product. Who knows exactly what that is? I know I don’t. There are all kinds of options, and Mark and I talked about them all today. He’s got a list of people to send it to, as do I. This is a lottery ticket, and even a small jackpot would be welcome right about now. We’ve both paid our dues.

There has to be somebody somewhere that will see this and have it open a door for both of us. We’re splitting everything down the middle, and I’m fine with it. We couldn’t have done this project without each other, and it was a true team effort. We both did our parts.

Our payoff will hopefully be both financially and in positive exposure. Getting a chance to collaborate on an even bigger project excites us both. It was fun to pull this together on a shoestring, but the prospect of having an actual budget to do it at a bigger venue is what it‘s all about. I’d love to be able to sell out some theatre and crank out a big time product.

First things first, and this was it. It’s a solid product, and I’m proud to send it anywhere. It’s an hour and six minutes of what took a lifetime to be able to do, but now it’s ready for consumption. Now the selling game starts, both to the public and to the industry. I finally have a horse in the big race! It might be a long shot, but those do come in once in a while.


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