Detroit Leaning

Saturday February 25th, 2012 – Detroit, MI

“Ain’t no party like a DEE-troit party, ‘cause a DEE-troit party don’t stop.” I remember seeing a band from Detroit once that kept repeating that riff line over and over throughout their set. I’m sure they got it from somewhere else, but it sounded fresh when they did it.

Hard as it may be to believe, today was packed with nonstop fun from morning to night. In Detroit. Michigan. Really. And I’m not on drugs. If every week on the road could be as much fun as this off stage, I’d be in a much better mindset to have better shows on stage.

Phil Dunham was unbelievably nice to put me up at his expense at the Townsend Hotel. He has a great relationship there, and the whole staff knows him. He’s a regular at the bar and restaurant, and they treat him like he owns the place. The service was top of the line.

Phil showed up at 9am to have breakfast, and we talked about comedy for a while until my comedy writer friend Bill Mihalic showed up to join us. Bill and Phil are my two best friends in the Detroit area, and to get to hang out with both of them in one day was a treat.

Bill suggested we take a tour of ‘Hitsville’, the house that’s a Motown Museum located on West Grand Boulevard where Berry Gordy started in 1959. I’ve always wanted to take that tour, and I’m surprised in all the times I’ve been to Michigan I’d never ever done it.

Boy, have I been missing out. For an admission of only $10 per person, we were treated to one of the best tourist attractions I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot. Our tour guide was absolutely amazing, as he told us fact after fascinating fact, frequently singing songs we’d all heard all of our lives. That guy was on his game, and made a great experience greater.

That alone made my drive well worth it, but we weren’t finished touring. Bill took us to the Cobo Convention Center for a hot rod car show called ‘Autorama’. I absolutely love a good classic and hot rod car show, and this was it. It doesn’t get any better for a car nut.

Great friends, great events. What a combination! We laughed and learned and hung out all day, and we all knew this was a special experience. One of those two events would’ve made my whole month, but both on the same day with such good friends was a huge deal. These are the kind of days to savor as they happen, knowing they’ll be stellar memories.

Then there was the scorcher of a comedy show at Portofino’s restaurant in Wyandotte at night. Bill had to attend an acting class, and couldn’t attend. He’s branching out from just writing jokes, and doing very well. He’s had success selling jokes to Jay Leno regularly in addition to his own daily “Bill’s Pills” which can be seen at

Everything about today was exactly how I pictured my life to be. I had fun with friends all day, and then a red hot show in front of a full crowd at night. Does life get any better? Even a few of the hottie waitresses came over to tell us how much they enjoyed our show. I’m telling you, Detroit as a whole gets a bad rap. I can see why Prince Fielder chose here.

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