TV Times Three

Wednesday February 22nd, 2012 – Milwaukee, WI/Chicago, IL

Lots of quality media exposure today, so that’s a plus. Lots of stress getting everywhere, and that isn’t. Three opportunities happened to come together today, so I had to say yes to them all. Better to do all of them in one day and be tired than spread it out over three days and be overwhelmed. This was my day to play media star, so I dressed the part and did it.

My first stop was at Today’s TMJ 4 in Milwaukee to be a guest again on ‘The Morning Blend’ with Molly Fay and Tiffany Ogle. I love being on that show, as everyone goes out of their way to be nicer than nice. They make me feel like a big star every time I show up.

Kim Buchanan is the executive producer, and Katie Pinkowski is the producer that I’ve dealt with every time I’ve been on. They’re professionals, crystal clear in communication, and pleasant people to deal with. There’s never any lingering tension when I’m there, and that goes a long way to making for a successful appearance. They make it a total pleasure.

It’s not like that everywhere. The Bob and Tom radio show always had a tense and ugly vibe whenever I walked in that studio, and I felt pressure to have to perform immediately or get out. Not here. I feel very much at home, and always did. It’s much better this way.

The hosts Molly and Tiffany are excellent too. Not only are they both really nice to look at, they’re real people with human warmth. They both come over and hug me and mean it, not just some fake showbiz tripe. I’m a big fan of both of those ladies, and the show too.

My second stop was an interview with Jason Evans, founder of a website that promotes everything going on in the Milwaukee comedy scene. It’s, and he’s put a tremendous amount of hard work into it.  I respect his effort. Jason wanted to know details about my upcoming C. Cardell Willis tribute show at Shank Hall on April 22nd.

He was also able to get Chris Barnes to show up, another veteran comedian who started even before I did. Chris and I are the same age, and he’s an amazingly talented performer. I think Chris is one of the most naturally gifted entertainers I’ve ever seen. He has a giant personality on stage, and audiences adore him. He has a magic that few others possess.

Jason brought Jeff Lampton along, another Milwaukee comedian I really like. I get him. He’s also a dented can, and has had a lot of off stage struggles that have been a frustrating hindrance to his development. Boy, can I relate to that. I’ll offer support however I can.

My last stop was in Chicago to be a guest on ‘The Guy Bauer Half Hour’, a funny show coincidentally hosted by Guy Bauer. We met at Zanies a while back as he wanted to know how to be funnier on his show and we recorded a piece. It was fun, and he’s a solid host.

This kid really gets it. He’s sharp as a tack, and has a fantastic attitude. I’m glad I did all three of these interviews today, even though it was a 17 hour day when it was all over. I’ll gladly do this every day if it’s with fun people like this. I felt good vibes in all directions.

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