Product Placement

Tuesday January 3rd, 2012 – Fox Lake, IL

New year, new fire in my belly. If I’m going to get where I want to go, I have to develop a much better sense of business. A tangible game plan wouldn’t hurt either. I’ve been in a seat of the pants mode most of my life, and that just isn’t working to achieve what I want.

I need to create an entire line of new products. I also need to create a network of people to whom I can sell those products. My work is cut out for me, but I’m confident I can get it done. I spent all day today laying down a year long plan, and it all starts with contacts.

I desperately need a mailing list, and to establish regular contact with those people. I’ve let it go too long, and that stops today. I do have a significant number of quality contacts, but I’ve been out of touch with a majority of them and there’s no excuse for it. It’s like a muscle, if it’s not used it becomes useless. I’m going to reboot my list and start all over.

Actually, I’m going to break it down into several smaller lists so I can come up with an individually targeted newsletter for each group. I need one for bookers, comedy students, media contacts, comedians, fans and The Mothership Connection radio show. It’ll be lots of work, but it will also lead to lots of work if I do it correctly. It needs to be done. Now.

My goal is to start out with at least 500 names and do an email newsletter this month to establish and reestablish contacts with everyone I can think of on my current list I want to have in my life. I weeded a few out, just as I’m sure others have weeded me out. Too bad, that’s how it goes. I’m in a stellar mindset now though, and seek to attract a similar vibe.

Any enemies or detractors can piss through a rusty key hole. I don’t have time to dwell on any past personality clashes, and I’m focusing only on who I want to associate with in the right now. I’ve got a bulging list brimming with solid creative friendly people, and I’ll invest my time and energy developing win/win relationships. That will keep me occupied.

As far as products go, that shouldn’t be all that difficult. When I do my standup comedy show, only the people in a particular room at one time get to see it. Sometimes it’s only a few, and I’ll never get known that way. I need to duplicate myself with as many CDs and DVDs  as I can create, and find other things too. Books? T-shirts? Stickers? Whatever.

And then there’s the King of Uranus. That’s a whole other marketing project, but that’s not what I’m talking about now. This is just for me as a working comedian, as that’s how I’m making a living right now. The Uranus project is long term, but I have to scrape up a living now. It’s going to be a gradual but steady transition, and I know that from the start.

My first product of 2012 will be a DVD of my comedy show I’ll be recording live in the WLIP/WIIL radio building in Kenosha, WI next Wednesday January 11th.  I’ve needed an updated video for a few years now, and if nothing else I’ll have one to send to bookers for work. I can also chop it up and put bits on You Tube, and also hopefully submit myself to some TV shows. I can’t play the game if I’m not on the field, and this is a great first step.


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