Entrepreneurial Experimentation

Tuesday November 8th, 2011 – Libertyville, IL

Today would have been the ideal day to rest up and do absolute zilch, but it didn’t work out that way. Far from it. This is an extremely hectic time, and I’ve got more things going at once than I ever have. It’s a lot of fun and very exciting, but also not easy to keep track.

The trip to Nashville took a lot out of me physically, even though I exercised every day by walking all over town. There are all kinds of hills with slow steady inclines that make walking there deceivingly difficult. I’m so sore right now, I can barely get up off a chair.

There’s no rest for the wicked though, as I’m leaving right away tomorrow morning for a two day tour of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I’ve made that drive way too often for my liking, and I’m not looking forward to it tomorrow. But, it’s part of the run. Too bad.

This one is about 500 miles in the opposite direction of Nashville, but the results will be similar – nobody will care if I’m there or not. I’m just a peg filling a hole, and those aren’t that hard to find. If I piss off the wrong person or my car breaks down, no payday for me.

That’s why I’ve got to start promoting my own shows. I read somewhere George Carlin would promote his own shows, and take the financial risk. I’m doing that this week in not one but two venues in two states. The first is a clean comedy show with two of my friends and former students Karl Newyear and Michelle Krajecki. It’s in Round Lake Beach, IL.

The Round Lake Beach Civic Center is a beautiful facility, and they want to try standup comedy. I was off Friday, so it seemed to be a worthwhile risk. It’s being co-promoted by Improv Playhouse in Libertyville, IL and between everyone else and me we should have a decent chance of putting butts in seats. This will be a chance to test our promoting wings.

If it all flops, it won’t be the end of life as we know it and our planet will still spin. I’m calling in a few favors, and I’ll rarely do that. We’ll fill seats, but how many who knows? We’re all rolling the dice, but the worst case scenario won’t be fatal so I’m willing to try.

Details are at http://www.improvplayhouse.com. I’m anxious to see if we can pull this off. No matter what happens, I’ll be betting on myself and at least I won‘t have to deal with some quirky high maintenance diva. If I deal with a kook bag, it’s me. I’m already used to that.

I’m doing another show November 19th for National Diabetes Awareness Month up in  the Milwaukee area in Franklin, WI at a place called ‘The Hideaway’. That’s another low risk rental, and I’ll call in more favors. Their site is http://www.thehideawaypubandeatery.com.

That show is being promoted by my friend Russ Martin, but I think I can get a couple of media hits and help get the word out at least a little. Both are low cost well booked shows that will be worth people’s whiles. I hope we’ll break even on these two nights, or at least raise money and awareness for good causes. Friday is to honor Veterans Day and the 19th is for diabetes awareness. If one or both fizzle, at least it will be with positive intentions.


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