Cards And Cardinals

Thursday October 27th, 2011 – Fox Lake, IL

Another productive day. I can see tangible progress from all my hard work, and it’s very encouraging. I’m doing a lot of tedious tasks that aren’t pleasant now, but I know if I keep doing them it will help ensure a positive future. I’m looking to develop productive habits.

Little by little, I’m throwing out the things I don’t need in my life and organizing what I do. For example, I’ve been sifting through boxes and finally putting my scattered array of business cards I’ve collected for years into a single box and sorting them into categories.

Why I didn’t do this years ago is beyond me, but I didn’t. I have cards from contacts all over the country from the many places I’ve lived and visited, but I’ve never actually made one organized master file I can use as a reliable go to source whenever I need to have one.

A lot of the cards are from people I’ll never need to see again, like a home repair guy in Salt Lake City who cleaned out my basement when I had some nasty sewer problems or a transmission shop in Colorado that kicked me in the ball joints when my car broke down on a hellish western run. Those are getting thrown out, but they’ve served their purpose.

Some of them are from people that passed away. I remember meeting Mitch Hedberg at a showcase show in Minneapolis at the comedy club in the Mall of America. I was on my way somewhere and passing through town, and he was living there. I thought he was very funny, and he was very complimentary of my set too. We hung out for a while afterward.

He didn’t have a business card, so he tore off the flap of an envelope and then tore it in half again and wrote his name and phone number on it. I never called him, but it brought back a pleasant memory of a guy who left the planet way too early in my opinion. What a nice guy he was, and very funny too. I totally forgot I even had this until I found it again.

This is the reason I need to dig through all the boxes I’ve moved so many times, but I’m hoping to never have to do it again. I’m paring down to the bare minimum, and that’s fine with me. The next time I move won’t be nearly the hectic hassle it’s been the last dozen.

I was flipping through the TV channels as I was sorting through boxes and happened to catch the last few innings of the World Series game. I wasn’t intending to watch even one pitch of it because my heart still ached from my Brewers getting humiliated, but it looked like the Cardinals were going to lose and I wanted to watch the pain on their fans’ faces.

I know, that’s probably not good karma, but that’s why I left it on. Well, I didn’t get my wish but what a game. From an objective baseball standpoint, that was probably one of if not THE most exciting games I’ve ever seen. I have to admit, the Cardinals hung in there.

OK, my Brewers lost and it still hurts. The Rangers have to be hurting more. They were one strike away from winning it all – TWICE – and still lost. I can’t see them coming back from this one. It was a deflating loss, and a big lesson was in it for us all. Never give up.


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