The Stephen King System

Tuesday October 25th, 2011 – Mequon, WI

Today I tried to rattle as many cages as I could, and that’s a good thing. Way too often, I only manage to work on one or maybe two of my projects, and everything else sits around gathering dust. Then I’ll work on some of those, and whatever I just did loses momentum.

I know I should drop something and focus more, but I happen to really enjoy everything I’m doing and I’m a stubborn bastard so I’m going to keep trying to squeeze everything in until there’s absolute proof I can’t do it all. So far, it’s just been a matter of organization.

My management of time is getting more efficient, even though I still have a long way to go until I would call it mastered. I’m learning how to pack more things into each day, and also plan my days better. Things still get off track, but not nearly as badly as they used to.

I’m finding that compartmentalizing projects into planned out time segments helps give structure to my days. If I allot myself an hour or two or even three on a given task, it helps to make it appear less overwhelming. I know I won’t finish today, but I’ll make progress.

It also helps to get positive energy going, so I can do the same on other projects. I wish I could locate what I read about Stephen King’s work schedule. Supposedly, he would get up in the morning and start work on a particular project. Then he’d have lunch, and work on a completely different project. Then he’d have dinner, and begin work on yet a third.

I don’t know how true that is, or how long he did it if it is, but I would bet some of it is fact as his body of work speaks for itself. He cranks out one successful book project after the next, and they’re not dime thin comic books either. If anything, they are over sized.

That’s the system model I’m going to work on employing in my own life. One of those ‘projects’ is going to be daily exercise, but I needed to do that anyway. I haven’t a clue as to what Stephen King did or does to stay in shape, but that’s his business. He’s a success.

I think I have the potential to be a success, but if I don’t become more efficient with my time all I’ll ever be is a dead almost was. I don’t want that, but unless I find a way to do it all that’s exactly where I’m headed. I don’t want to miss out on a payout for all my effort.

This morning I got up and had an email conversation with the artist for Uranus Factory Outlet on t-shirt designs. She sent some updated examples, and we’re almost there. Then, I sent out some availabilities to a few booking agents and planted some seeds for comedy work. After that, I worked on the outline of my comedy class notes for a future website.

I spent a couple of hours on each project, and felt like I at least made a dent in the huge pile of tasks I need to get to. Then I drove up to Mequon, WI to host and headline a show for a newer comedian named Dave Simon. He’s getting started and I’m trying to help him learn the ropes of comedy. I also went early to search out locations to perform my ‘Schlitz Happened!’ one man show. It was a full day of work, but everything I did had a purpose.


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