Weekly Reading

Sunday October 23rd, 2011 – Fox Lake, IL

In addition to everything else I’ve got going, I’m also trying to find time to read books and listen to audio programs as much as one human can without throwing up or flipping out. I try to plow through at least a book or two each week, and listen to audio in the car.

I’m starting with some smaller books first, just to get in the habit of finishing them on a weekly basis. I’ve got enough reading material for the next six lifetimes, or sixty gazillion trips to the bathroom. Now it’s a matter of choosing stuff that will do me the most good.

This week I was able to read Harvey Mackay’s book on networking called “The Harvey Mackay Rolodex Network Builder”, which I enjoyed. It gave tips on making and keeping contacts, and how ultimately important they are for success to have and constantly update.

It talked about how a network can make someone’s career, and it’s a lifetime project to keep building one’s list of personal contacts. I totally agree, and even though I’ve been on board with this concept for years it’s still good to bone up on ways to improve my system.

I think I’ve been in the upper percentile as far as staying in touch with people goes, but I can still use a complete overhaul. Social networks help maintain a connection, but there is  also a point of overwhelm. Face book can get to be a little much for example. Do we need to see constant updates of what everyone in America had for lunch or 49 new cat photos?

There’s a fine line between networking and personal privacy invasion, and there’s an art to being good at it. I tend to only keep in contact with people I like, and that’s probably a big mistake business wise. I should be getting in front of everyone who could book me.

Unfortunately, networking correctly takes a significant amount of time and effort – two things that aren’t as plentiful for me as they once were. I’m spread pretty thin already, so finding time to stay in touch with people I’m not enamored with doesn’t sound appealing even if it might lead to future work. It’s smart business though, so I should consider it.

My choice of audio this week was Russ Whitney, a real estate infomercial guy who has an elaborate marketing package I bought at a thrift store recently. It was interesting, but I don’t intend to get into that business any time soon. I bought it to study his packaging.

It was divided into three sections with books, videos and audio included. I got it all for ten bucks, which I’m sure is below what it cost to manufacture all that stuff. There were two six CD programs, one two CD program, four books and two VHS tapes. That’s a lot.

It was extremely well constructed, and pleasing to the eye and ear. It didn’t look like an amateur attempt at publishing, and Russ Whitney is a very good speaker. He talked about a lot of universal topics like goal setting and human nature, and I found it well worth both my time and the ten bucks. I’m glad I listened to it, and now I’ll give it away as a gift to a friend who has some rental properties. Now it’s a new week. Time for some new content.


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