Suicide Isn’t Painless

Monday October 17th, 2011 – Libertyville, IL

I can’t stop thinking about this whole Don LaPre situation. I never met the guy and had zero personal interaction whatsoever other than having bought one or two of his products in the past. But, for some odd reason his death really disturbs me. It seems very wrong.

Suicide is a big decision – probably THE biggest one a person ever makes. I know I was a mess and a half inside when I was at that point, and I can’t believe anyone else has their head together at that moment either. It all seems so final, like it will never get any better.

I’m living proof that it absolutely can get better, and in my case it has. I’ve really turned a major corner since my little hospital incident in June, and I can’t imagine offing myself now. I’m not in that mind set thankfully, and have a hard time even picturing it – which is fine by me. I’ll taste dirt soon enough, but until then I have dreams to chase. And catch.

Don LaPre seemed like he had it all together. He was a baby face looking guy and had a beautiful wife and kids, something I’ve always wanted myself. Not having them is one of the major reasons I’ve considered putting an air vent in the back of my head with a bullet in the past. If I’m gone, nobody cares other than my creditors. He had others to consider.

I was preparing for my comedy class tonight and ran across a work sheet I pass out once in a while in some of my classes. It’s got points from both Tony Robbins and Don LaPre. I don’t pass it out all the time, but when I have I‘ve noticed people like it. It‘s memorable.

These are Don LaPre’s  “11 Secrets To Success” I copied off of either a book or a CD:

1.    Attitude is 99% of getting there.
2.    Keep your health, it’s worth a billion $.
3.    Stop listening to negative people.
4.    Make life a game.
5.    Take ACTION.
6.    Ask questions.
7.    Stop thinking ‘job’.
8.    Write things down.
9.    Get rid of your ‘ugly’ friends.
10.  Make the most of every day.
11.   Do for others.

Pretty simple stuff, but I thought it was good enough to use to give to my students, and I gave Don LaPre full credit for it. It may not be earthshaking, but it doesn’t sound like he’s going to take his own life in jail rather than go to trial on a fraud charge. This is upbeat.

I feel very sad for the guy, and hope he wasn’t a scammer. I also feel sorry for a guy like Richard Jeni, another one with seemingly everything who had enough and checked out on his own accord. Suicide isn’t painless. It has a ripple effect that lives on long after the act.

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