Marking My Territory

Wednesday October 5th, 2011 – Milwaukee, WI

Back up to Milwaukee today to keep my contact list warm and shake hands, kiss babies and hang out on The D-List radio show on ESPN 540 with Drew Olson and Dan Needles. If I’m going to follow through with my master plan of making my main base of operation the turf of Chicago, Rockford, Madison and Milwaukee, I’ll need to maintain a presence.

I still think that’s a viable plan, and I intend to pursue it. I’d much rather have a territory close to some kind of home that I can count on for a solid steady living than have to drive an unreliable vehicle all over the four corners of the North American continent regretably routing rotten runs in reprehensible rinky-dink rag tag rat hole rooms for riff raff rogues.

I’ve done that for years, and it hasn’t gotten me anywhere – even though I haven’t been able to stop moving. Most of my life has been spent in motion, and I’d like a chance to be in one place for a while. My wanderlust has been satiated, and now I’m ready to take root.

There are enough people in those four cities and all the little towns in between to make myself a comfortable living and then some. I still admire a guy like Pat McCurdy who has been doing it for decades, and has established a name in the area yet still has a quality life with a family and has the best of all worlds. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Everyone dreams of being the biggest world wide superstar in any endeavor, but reality only has room for a rare few. There are the Jay Lenos and Jerry Seinfelds in the comedy world, and there’s everyone else. It’s the same in music, acting, sports, broadcasting and every other entertainment field. Not many of those who enter it end up at the very top.

The good news is, not everyone who gets to the very top of any field is guaranteed to be totally happy. That seems to be a very popular myth, but I know it isn’t true. Happiness is something we all need to decide on a personal definition, and it’s different for everybody.

I know I don’t need to be a world wide superstar to be happy. In fact, it would probably be a prodigious pain in the poop shoot to perpetually pass paparazzi perched for pictures on my porch. I’d much rather be creatively satisfied and be able to live my life in peace.

Milwaukee is my home town, and always will be. I’ve come so far from the angst filled punk kid feeling I had to prove something to the world. The world doesn’t care, and never did. It was me I had to prove something to, and I did. I proved I could do what I set out to do, and now I don’t need it from anyone else. Getting it from Hollywood isn’t a necessity.

What is a necessity is an income to finance my nasty habits of eating and having shelter to protect me from the elements. I don’t have to have a mansion, but I wouldn’t mind the creature comforts of indoor plumbing and a stove. That’s totally doable, and I don’t need to trample the turf coast to coast to make that reality. I’ll gladly work to establish my little self imposed territory and enjoy the rest of my days to their fullest. I’m the best version of me I’ve ever been, and the vibe is still getting stronger. Happiness is where one makes it.


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