Ten Years Of Turmoil

Sunday September 11th, 2011 – Kenosha, WI

Ten years after 9/11 and the world is a completely different and I wish I could say better place. I can’t. I used to laugh at my grandparents’ inability to keep up with the times back in the ‘70s, but I’m falling way farther behind at everything than they ever did. They win.

Whatever they experienced was at least able to be comprehended by generations before theirs, as everything grew at a rate the average person could follow. Now, everything is in such disarray on one hand yet exploding with technology on the other it’s impossible for a regular schmuck like me to grasp it all. Life has passed me by, and I’m yesterday’s news.

My whole generation is officially the last of the old farts, as we can still remember how the world was without the internet and all the residual effects that come with it. Most of it is probably good, or at least I used to think so. Now, I’m not so sure. We’re a new planet.

Too bad what hasn’t changed are the ages old time tested foibles of human nature. That stays the same, even though how it’s manifested is changing faster than people can grasp, especially from my generation. I talk to people my age or a little older, and there’s almost a nostalgic yearning for the time when there wasn’t all of this technology to worry about.

I must admit, times were a lot simpler when I grew up and those days are gone forever. There are some aspects of technology that are absolutely mind blowing, but I’m not sure I think as a whole times are better now. I’m older, more experienced and a lot more cynical but I can point directly to September 11th, 2001 to identify when things really went south.

Since that infamous day, life as we know it has begun to crumble before our eyes, and it isn’t getting any better. Almost everyone I know is in constant chaos, perpetually trying to find angles for survival. The thought of building a ‘stable’ life seems like ridiculous folly.

Change is happening so fast, the world as a whole can’t keep up. We’re turning into one big fragmented time share planet with nobody’s thoughts or values pointing even close  to the same direction. I for one feel very intimidated, even though most others I know either couldn’t care any less or are trapped in a vicious cycle of trying to keep their bills paid.

I’m not going to begin to think I have any clue of what actually happened ten years ago today, or even more importantly – why? Was it a conspiracy? An iside job? Are there real terrorists who choose to make a statement that day? I don’t have a single clue to go on.

I sure don’t believe what the mass media tells us, and anyone who does is ripe pickings for a plucking. Everyone has to figure all of this out for themselves, like a giant puzzle. I really like puzzles, but only those that are fun and I can do when I choose. This isn‘t that.

We did a very solid Mothership Connection radio show on WLIP this evening, probably our best ever. We examined 9/11 from all angles, and nobody had any opinions made fun of. The fact remains thousands of people died ten years ago and we’re still upset about it.


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