There’s Green In Clean

Tuesday August 30th, 2011 – Fox Lake, IL/Algonquin, IL

I’m back to being busier than I should, and I need to watch that. Stress isn’t included on the agenda my doctor said I’ll need to maintain for good health. I’ve been holding steady over two months now since I got out of the hospital, but that doesn’t mean I’m home free.

Every day is a struggle, and with all I’ve got lined up on my schedule, stress is going to pop up quite frequently. I’ve already taken two months off work, I can’t last much longer with no income. My bank account is tapped, and I’m red flagging on the financial front.

Gas at $4 a gallon isn’t helping, nor are the every day bills that don’t care if I was in the hospital or not. I have bills like everyone else, and there’s still the hospital bill to clear up however that will work out. I did apply for hardship status, but it’s still not a closed case.

Worry and stress won’t help anyone, but how can it be avoided? People are losing their jobs left and right, and I’m not the only one in this predicament. A lot of people aren’t in good financial shape right now, and it’s not something that ‘just goes away‘. It’s a crisis.

I’m still making my health a top priority, but that comes with a price both in money and time. It costs more to eat well, and takes more effort. Exercise also requires more sleep to allow the body to recover, not to mention extra laundry. The time comes from somewhere and leaves less to do other things like look for gigs, work on my act or read like I‘d like.

Life doesn’t get easier, and I thought it would by now. I thought for sure I’d have a nice juicy nest egg put away and be able to enjoy life. It’s hard to enjoy life when bill collector types are spread everywhere like poop in a pig sty. Even when I’m relaxing, it’s stressful.

Today I had lunch with Michelle Krajecki. She’s a former student who’s been working as a Christian comedian in churches for years. She’s very smart and I respect her because she handles herself with professionalism and class like it‘s a business, which it totally is.

I spoke with Michelle and another former student Karl Newyear about doing shows that feature clean comedy. Karl bills himself as ‘The World’s Funniest Lutheran’ and between the three of us we could easily pull off a nice show for audiences that don’t enjoy going to comedy clubs because they think it will be dirty. Unfortunately, they’re usually correct.

Off color humor doesn’t offend me but it isn’t for everyone, just as not everyone likes a restaurant that serves spicy food. Those who do, love it. Those who don’t, want no part of it. There’s a gigantic market being underserved for someone who can be clean and funny, and every joke is not required to end with “…and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

What I’m looking to do is offer up a clean 90 minute show that can be sold to those who don’t want to hear foul language or certain subjects. It’s a business decision, and lining up Michelle and Karl will help sell it to audiences that may not be comedy regulars. We can deliver laughs without a single swear word, and painfully few other shows can match that.

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