Cause And Effect Lessons

Sunday August 21st, 2011 – Franklin, WI/Kenosha, WI

My physical health continues to improve, and with it so does my attitude and demeanor.  I can really feel it, and I have to say it doesn’t suck. I’m filling my body with good things on purpose, and it’s making a difference. I’m also filling my mind with better things too.

I’m making it a conscious point to always have a book with me so I don’t get frustrated when I have to wait, even for a minute or two. I also have plenty of audio recordings with me in the car at all times so I can bathe my brain in wisdom, knowledge and good vibes.

News depresses the hell out of me and Chicago sports radio is inane verbal flatulence of no earthly benefit to me at this time in my life. Most if not all of the Chicago teams are in total disarray, and most of the apes who are paid too much to host shows are pompous.

I used to just rot in traffic with everyone else, and let it bother me. I would scream at the brainless chuckleheads in front of me who wouldn’t hang up their cell phone and beep my horn long and loud at the stooge in front of me a fiftieth of a second after a light changed.

Now, I don’t even care. I’m mentally prepared to be driving with major league doofuses and numbskulls, and I lose myself in something I can learn from. Lately I’ve been hearing Earl Nightingale’s ‘Lead The Field’, which is one of the classics in that genre. He’s an all time favorite of mine, and what he says is right to the point and dead on. I love his stuff.

There are still idiots who still pull major boners right in front of me, but my anger level is about 95% lower and over about ten times faster. I still have an occasional lapse, but it leaves as quickly as it comes, where I used to let it really piss me off to the point of doing stupid things like following them for miles just to give them the finger they had coming.

They still have it coming, but it’s not going to be from me. Some gang banger criminal could pull out a pistol and put a third ear hole somewhere in my skull. I’m learning to let it go, and the one who’s most surprised is me. For whatever reason, I’m thinking better.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I also haven’t had one of my major depression funks in months, and that’s something to cheer long and loud about. When I would sink into the abyss of that horror, I didn’t think I’d ever come out. I really believe it was diet related in origin, and if I keep eating like I have been I can kiss that hellish torture goodbye forever.

My friend and former student Russ Martin asked me if I’d do a show at his birthday and retirement party which were rolled into one. Russ is a good guy and of course I said I’d be there. It gave me a chance to practice and work off some of my rust. The crowd was super hot and I had a blast with them. I was able to help a friend and help myself. I love that.

Tonight we had a rocking Mothership Connection radio show on WLIP with Sharla Rae from Chicago, Andrew Grant  from London and Toni Reilly from Brisbane, Australia as a panel of in studio experts. You can find their info at

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