Fan Appreciation

Saturday April 23rd, 2011 – Milwaukee, WI

It’s always nice to come home, even on an off night. Tonight’s stop was at Potawatomi Casino’s Northern Lights Theatre in Milwaukee, always a first class experience. The staff is beyond nice, from security guards to the guy who manages the comedy show Steve. He always has everything under control, and just playing that room makes me feel like a pro.

There’s a huge backstage area with a giant fridge packed with beverages, and two extra large bathrooms that have showers included in case someone wants to freshen up between or after a show. They also give us a menu to order top shelf food, or a coupon for their big buffet which has shrimp, crab legs, prime rib and a spectacular array of delicious desserts.

I wish every night was like this, and if I have my say at some point it will be. Of course, who wouldn’t like the perks, but it’s more than that. They just treat people right, and I’ve always thought that’s how it should be. They respect both entertainment and entertainers, and it shows. They have big acts there all the time, and they treat us the exact same way.

It’s refreshing, and I totally appreciate it. Unfortunately, it was yet another ‘off week’ in terms of attendance with it being Easter weekend and the Brewers in town for a big home stand, but there were still enough people to do two fun shows. I had a blast both shows.

I might not have many, but I do have some regular fans and I always appreciate it when they show up. Tonight I had quite a few including C. Cardell Willis’ son Ben and his wife Tammy, my former orthodontist Dr. Grace Machi, Cathie Schultz and her family who I’m friends with through the Tom Green Show and their friends Rick and Donna. It was great.

They come out and see me through thick and thin, holiday weekends or not, and I try to switch material around or have something new for them just because I appreciate all their support. They’re true fans, and no performer should take those for granted. I surely don’t. I just need more of them to please, about 100,000 or so. Until then, I’ll be glad for these.

I made it a personal goal to do two completely different shows, as I knew some of them would be staying for both as they like to do. Not all that long ago, I’d have had to struggle to pull that off, but not tonight. I did it easily, and I didn’t even have to do my big closing bit which they’ve all heard a zillion times anyway. I thank the cruise ships for that ability.

Whatever struggles I had on those ships, I’m feeling the benefits of it now. They raised my game to a whole new level, and tonight was living proof. I feel at home on that stage, and I have a lot of Milwaukee material I can go to from my ‘Schlitz Happened!’ show as well, but I was able to feel a good rhythm and slid in and out of bits with seamless ease.

After everything is said and done, it really is all about the fans. If they keep coming out, I’ll keep getting booked. How do I get more of them? I wish I knew. Those who do come out are great, and I’ll always do my best for them, but the number I have now won’t keep my bills paid on a regular basis. I’m working on it, but for this night I felt like a big star.


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