The World At Its Worst

Monday February 21st, 2011 – Somewhere At Sea

The rest of the world appears to be drowning in severe turmoil and chaos, but my little obscure corner of it is holding up just fine. Not only did I deliver three super solid shows this evening, I also found quality time to exercise, eat well and work on some projects.

In theory, it should be like that every day. I wish it were that easy. It was a major effort to focus and get all those things done, but I did it. I forced myself. Did I want to eat a big bowl of salad? Of course not. I wanted grease, lard, sugar and preservatives as per usual.

Who doesn’t? It’s hard to eat right, especially when all the rotten stuff is so accessible. And it’s not rotten, it’s DELICIOUS. If pastrami were a health food, I’d be Jack LaLanne. Would it be healthier if I drank it out of a blender? Nope. I’m screwed. I love greasy grub.

Today I ate well, and actually enjoyed it. I don’t claim to be cured of my love of all that can clog an artery, but for one day I gave my aorta a rest. Should I still happen to have my big league stage three lights out grabber, I can’t say it wasn’t deserved. My diet is a mess.

A few days good and a few weeks or months bad can’t last forever. Far from it. I’m sure my arteries could use a scrape right now. Hopefully I can find the strength to keep this up on a consistent basis, but all I had was today. So far, so good. Tomorrow? Who knows?

Maybe that grabber wouldn’t be so bad after watching CNN most of the day and sorting through all the disasters happening at once. The Middle East countries are all pissed off at their leaders, earthquakes devastated New Zealand and The Philippines, yet another giant blizzard is burying several states and my home state of Wisconsin is claiming to be broke.

None of this is good, but it keeps on coming. What about the earthquake in Haiti? They still haven’t dug themselves completely out of that one, and they were doing badly before it hit. How much help will they get now with all these new places needing outside help?

I guess I’m just not seeing the reasons for the way life works. Where is God? I’m sorry, but I have less and less faith every day. I wish I didn’t feel this way, but I do. This whole damn planet is coming unscrewed, and nothing is on the horizon to fix it any time soon.

I really hope this is my last pass through this stupidity based regime, and if we do live again I hope I end up far away from here. Maybe this is like doing time in Vietnam for a reincarnating soul, and whatever lessons I’m supposed to learn I hope I pass the exam.

I don’t think I could feel any less significant. Here I am busting my popo trying to make a few hundred people on a cruise ship laugh, and actually succeeding.  But – governments all over the world are teetering on the brink of overthrow and millions are in real danger.

I might as well eat bloody steaks and hot fudge sundaes. Maybe it will shorten some of my sentence on this maniacal marble of misery. There has to be a better place somewhere.


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