Bring On The Shrimp

Thursday November 25th, 2010 – Belize City, Belize

FINALLY…after several months of a grueling travel schedule, big time feelings of self doubt, constant questioning as to whether I made the right decision or not…today felt like I’m starting to reap some benefits of being out at sea for so long. I’m finally glad I came.

For one thing, the weather is now in my favor. When I started in the summer, it was hot everywhere. Today I watched the weather reports from the Denver television stations that are on our cable system and saw nothing but images of blizzard like snow conditions and overturned vehicles. Denver’s high temperature was going to be 10 degrees. Ours was 85.

Another thing was the food. We had a spectacular spread for Thanksgiving including all choices from traditional to just delicious. The turkey was outstanding, and the dark meat I love was in ample supply and extra juicy. They also had sirloin steaks, sushi and shrimp.

This was the first shrimp I’ve had since I’ve been on a ship. I love shrimp, and pictured a never ending supply as part of the deal in cruise ship life. I assumed they’d be available everywhere, the bigger the better. The smaller ones would be the size of yo-yos but on the holidays we’d get ones the size of a boxing glove. Wrong. Hadn’t seen a one until today.

I had a nice meal, but didn’t overdo it. Part of the reason was we had shows to do. This was my three show night, and I was surprised they’d make us work on the holiday. I don’t mind working anytime I get paid, but I assumed they’d give us tonight off. Wrong again.

The crew and staff here are extra nice. I’m working Carnival Valor and from the cruise director Goose down to John and Jimmy who run the comedy club, I felt relaxed and right at home from the first minute I met everyone. For some reason, I’m starting to feel at ease on ship after ship. When I first started, I don’t think I matched up well with those crowds.

Last week I worked Carnival Legend, and that was a good vibe also. The cruise director there is a charismatic Scottish guy named ‘Wee Jimmy’, and I think that guy has a chance to be a movie star if he wants. He’s a true personality, and it was a pleasure to meet him.

Those crowds and I seemed to mesh well, as did the ones tonight. The first show wasn’t full, but those who did show up were fantastic. Jerry Agar’s son Cooper is in high school and he has a girlfriend who’s on this cruise with her family. He told them to come see me and they did. In the past I wouldn’t have recommended that, but tonight I’m glad I did.

I also did three totally different shows, which impressed everyone. I wasn’t required to, but the challenge of doing it last week made me want to do it again. In a perfect world, it would be like that every week and it’s something to shoot for. Tonight, it all worked out.

This doesn’t mean I won’t have any more rough shows, or that cruise life will get easier anytime soon. This is hard work, and I earn every penny I make. BUT, it’s finally starting to get fun, and that’s the whole reason for living. I’m very grateful. Bring on the shrimp!

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