Hurricane Season’s Greetings

Monday October 25th, 2010 – Cozumel, Mexico

There’s a big old mess o’ trouble brewing at sea, but for once it’s got nothing to do with me. It’s hurricane season here in the Caribbean and one named Richard is apparently on a path to do major damage  right where we’re sailing. The weather’s been nasty for much of the day, and we’ve already altered the original route this cruise was supposed to follow.

I have no idea how this will affect my flight home tomorrow, and I’m concerned I won’t be able to make it home to teach my comedy class at Harper College on Wednesday. It’s a scary situation, and a part of the cruise game I hadn’t planned for along with lost luggage.

The ship docked in Cozumel, Mexico for a few hours today but I wasn’t able to get off because I didn’t get a crew identification card and the place I was supposed to get one had closed for the day. I wanted to go out and get some supplies like shaving cream and soap, but that will have to wait until whenever we stop again. Nobody knows when that may be.

I talked to the other comedian Will Marfori, and he said he thinks we’ll be ok to fly out tomorrow, but it won’t be from our original destination of Belize. Instead, it’s going to be Honduras – but only if the weather holds out. This is all hearsay, and right now I haven’t a clue as to what’s really going to happen. Lucky for me, my cabin is near the ship’s office.

From all I’ve heard, the best place to be in a hurricane is a cruise ship because it has the ability to outrun the worst part of the storm and stay in a safe zone. Personally, I’ve never once heard of a cruise ship disaster in real life other than the Titanic, and that was 1912.

Chances are, I’ll fly out tomorrow and spend most of the day getting back to Chicago to teach my class on Wednesday, then it’s back out early Thursday to Miami to return to one of the other ships I’ve already done, The Destiny. I know what to expect when I get there, so that makes it a lot easier. The staff is very friendly and I had some pretty decent shows.

Tonight was my three show night on the Triumph. The early one was flat out weird, and I wish I would have recorded it just to have it on file. About halfway through of what was a very good show, I heard a voice in the darkness start giving me Ric Flair’s “WHOOO” sound. It was kind of funny the first couple of times, and I was able to riff lines off of it.

Then, it wouldn’t stop. “WHOOOO, WHOOO, WHOOOOOOOOO.” Then silence for a minute or two. Then it would start again. The problem was, I couldn’t tell who was the one doing it. It could have been a person with mental illness issues or some other kind of disability, and making fun of that would be certain trouble. I had to just work around it.

As it turned out, it was just a drunk woman who wouldn’t shut up and the club manager had stepped out for a moment to attend to some other business so he hadn’t seen how the whole thing developed. Eventually she got bounced and the show went on, but this was a kook for the ages. I’m sure glad I didn’t slam her though. That would have been a mistake from the start. Still, this was the best week I’ve had on the ships. Now I hope I get home.


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