Crusty Bread And Circuses

Monday September 27th, 2010 – Lake Villa, IL

I can see Dr. Smith from the TV show Lost In Space in my head so vividly it scares me. He’s moaning his inimitable classic line of lament, “Ohhh, the pain….the PAINNNNN.” And I feel it right along with him. The Green Bay Packers lost to the Chicago Bears, and life on this planet is not appealing at this time. It shouldn’t affect me, but it totally does.

I’ve been through this time after time, and I know how downright stupid it is to let some stupid sporting event control how I feel, but it is. That all powerful ‘us vs. them’ gene we all have to some degree in some area of life is firing on all cylinders. ‘We’ got spanked by ‘them’, and it hurts. It’s not so much the fact that defeat happened, it was the way it did.

The Packers played a horrible game. Period. They were penalized left and right and for a minute there I was expecting someone to get a penalty for early withdrawal. Every other kind was called, and the frustration of it all was too much to bear. I turned it off and went home to get some work done. I turned all media off and sat around stewing in my angst.

Why does this bother me so much? It really does. I guess it’s the control freak inside me that gets irritated that the team doesn’t give a solid effort. If that happened and they lost, I would be able to handle it with no problem. Some teams are better than others talent wise and that’s just how it is. If the Bears outplayed the Packers and won, I could accept that.

Giving a game away to a half assed ragamuffin band of mediocre at best gypsies was an absolute travesty. I didn’t see any fire or effort there, and I knew it was a total waste to sit and watch it happen. At least I got some work done, and tried to ignore the whole thing.

That’s when it really gets tough to disappear. Good natured ribbing is one thing, and not every Bears fan is a dingle berry, but I have to say an overwhelming proportion of them in my world at least are. They call and taunt and not even in a funny way, and I’m not ready to play nice when that happens. Don’t poke the tiger, and if you do expect to get mauled.

It’s a football game, and a relatively meaningless one at that. It’s early in the season and although this may come back to haunt the Packers late in the year, chances are it won’t be an issue. The Bears aren’t that good, and I predict they’re going to start losing soon and at a breakneck pace. They always do. They’re 3-0 now, but I see them starting to sink soon.

But why do I care so much? I really wish I didn’t. But I do. I never smoked even a single cigarette in my life, or pipe, or cigar. Drugs and alcohol have never touched my lips, and I should be happy I dodged a major bullet in life. Most people at least dabble at some point with some substance, but not me. I’ve never had a hangover, because I never had a drink.

So why am I so addicted to sports, especially the damn Green Bay Packers? I don’t have any idea, but I know that losing to the Chicago Bears on Monday Night while they wear a throwback jersey that made them look even uglier than their regular putrid uniforms do is no picnic. Does anyone in Brazil, China or Africa care even a little? No, but this still rots.

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