Keys, Wallet, Phone

Friday July 23rd, 2010 – Lake Villa, IL

Keys, wallet, phone. Keys, wallet, phone. Keys, wallet, phone. It’s a constant mantra of mine, to the point of obsession. Those are three things that are easiest to lose and hardest to replace. I’m constantly checking them all and grabbing my pockets like I’ve got herpes, crabs and jock itch all rolled into one. Losing any one of those three is a gigantic hassle.

So what did I do today? Lost my phone. Ugh. SO frustrating, especially since I check it so often. I’ve lost every one of the ‘big three’ in my life, unfortunately more than once to add even more frustration to the mix. Alas, sometimes it still happens – and this is one.

I was really having a fine day up until then. I was making good decisions, deciding how to get my life more in balance. I spent some time with my t-shirt printer in Antioch, IL as we tried to carve out a long term battle plan for the Uranus Factory Outlet business. He’s been in business over twenty years and has a lot of valuable experience I can learn from.

He needs jokes to print on his merchandise, and I can help him there. He’s a very good person, and I feel a great synergy with him because he’s all about win/win just as I like to be. We met for a couple of hours at his shop, and designed a new version of my infamous ‘T-E-I-A-M’ t-shirt. There IS an ‘I’ in team. We revamped it totally and I think it’s great.

Now it’s up to others to agree enough to pull their wallet out and spend some money on it. We picked a good quality shirt, and are going with simple colors of black ink on a grey shirt. I ordered 24 shirts, most in L or XL. If they don’t sell, I’m not going to go bankrupt.

I will go bankrupt at least socially if I don’t find that damn phone. I stopped to run a ton of errands today and it could be almost anywhere. I wasn’t thinking about calling people, I was trying to get my errands done while I had a day off. I haven’t a clue as to where it is.

I checked my car a dozen times. Sometimes it sticks in between a seat or under a seat or one time it was in the compartment in the passenger side door. I couldn’t find it for a few days, and just when I was at my wit’s end, I was looking for something else and found it.

Now I have to get up early tomorrow and backtrack to see where I may have left it. That will be an especially sharp pain in the lederhosen because I have to be back up at German Fest in Milwaukee for a noon show. Hopefully, that situation has stabilized itself a little.

This is the kind of hassle I really can’t stand, but what can I do? I watch myself as close as I can, and it still happens once in a while. I have a spare car key in my wallet, which is a smart thing, but other than that, I’m screwed. I don’t have an extra wallet or cell phone, so when I blow it, I blow it. At least the last time I lost it I knew where I left it. Not now.

Still, this will pass. I’ve done it before and the worst case scenario will be I’ll pop for a new phone. I’m sure all my numbers will be lost, and that’s another thing I should guard a lot better. Those numbers aren’t backed up, and there’s no reason for it. I’m such an idiot.


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