Monday On The Move

Monday June 7th, 2010 – Kenosha, WI/Chicago, IL

Looks like it’s back to having super busy Mondays, but under these circumstances I can live with it. The busier the better, when it’s good stuff. First, it was up to Kenosha, WI for lunch with film maker Mark Gumbinger, his brother Mike and the legendary Lou Rugani.

They have regular lunches every Monday at a Chinese Buffet on Highway 50 and I have a standing invitation to join them. They’ve made me a part of their group and it could be a lot worse. They’re all funny guys, and Mark and Lou are always working on movie ideas.

Mark wants to shoot a DVD of my standup show, and we’re trying to come together on an idea of how to do it best. He’s a perfectionist when it comes to things like lighting and editing in short clips of audience members laughing, but not all that concerned at how the packaging looks. I’m just the opposite, and we weren’t able to agree on a plan of action.

Both of us are control freaks in our own way, and each of us have our vision as to what we see being a final product. Maybe we’ll come together on an agreement and maybe we won’t, but neither one of us were angry about it. We kicked around ideas, and that’s what needed to be done. I wouldn’t mind having a DVD out, but I’d want it to be how I want it.

I’m not sure Mark and my sense of humor necessarily match up, but it doesn’t mean we can’t come up with a compromise along the way. We both need to make it work as far as selling product goes, and I can’t sell what I don’t have. I need to create a lot more product to sell, of every kind. I’ve got a CD right now and that’s IT. I’m thoroughly embarrassed.

I asked my speaker friend Todd Hunt who he knew of that had either the most or best of products for sale, and he mentioned a lady named Jeanne Robertson from North Carolina who used to be a beauty pageant queen. She’s got SIX different DVD/CD products on her website for sale, and a couple of books too. Very impressive.

It really doesn’t matter if they’re good or not. The point is, she DID them, and I can tell by looking at her website they’re of professional quality. Good for her. It’s not easy to do ONE decent product much less six, and I’m going to shut my pie hole and start working.

Tonight it was back to Zanies in Chicago to start up comedy classes again. This time we have a nice full class with a diverse group of interesting people, and that’s what’s been so much fun for so many years. Bill Gorgo will teach this session, but I’m glad class is full.

There was also a very hot Rising Star Showcase show afterward, and that’s always a fun way to close out the day. Both crowd and comics were into it, and when that happens, my job is easy. I just sit back and watch the show and keep things moving. Tonight was that.

Most people never get a chance to do one thing they enjoy, much less three. Not only do I get to do three things I enjoy, I get to do it on a Monday. It’s not quite there yet, but I’m working feverishly hard on it. I’ve got a long way to go to catch up to Jeanne Robertson.

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