The Weirdness Continues

Wednesday May 26th, 2010 – Valparaiso, IN

More weirdness today. There must be a full moon coming up. That or the world has just lost it completely. That could be the case also, I guess. Whatever it might be, I just hope it ends soon so I’m able to navigate my way through the insanity and get by. This is crazy.

The situation with the Michigan gig is still a mystery. I spoke with the middle act as did Tim Marszalkowski, and we both agree he wasn’t at fault. He swears he’s not booked at a hotel in the same town, and we believe him. He’s actually a very good guy and was just as concerned about it as Tim and I were. He seems to know who these sneaky varmints are.

This is one of the dangers of trying to book shows. Word has gotten out that I have been thinking about maybe doing some booking, and this is the kind of stuff that happens right away. It’s like a mob hit that’s intended to ‘send a message’. This was Tim’s gig, I wasn’t involved at all. The only message I’m getting is that these people aren’t smart or ethical.

It looks like the show is going to be cancelled, or at least postponed. The middle act is a lifer in the financial business, and he has offered to make it good and pay in full both Tim and myself for our trouble, since his name was what seemed to start all the controversy.

He doesn’t have to do that, but it sure is a very honorable thing to do. I for one am sure not used to it, so I’ll be loyal to a guy like that for life. There are still some details that are unclear, but I’m sure everything will work itself out. The bottom line is, this business can be loaded with snakes and weasels, especially at the lower level. I want to get past all this.

That’s not to say insanity doesn’t happen on a higher level, but at least the possibility of a much higher payoff exists. This was chump change peanuts, and that’s why it was such a shock to see it happen like it did. All that’s for sure is that I’m not driving to Michigan.

I did have to drive to Valparaiso, IN for a show tonight. It was a show that’s been going on for many years apparently. There’s a company that has metalworkers that need to get a certification from the government, and it takes constant training to do it. They graduate to the next level, and the company gives them a dinner and likes to hire comedians as a treat.

Jim McHugh was the guy I got it from, and I’m very grateful. Still, the vibe was strange the whole time. There was a crying baby right in the front row, and that threw everything off. That’s WAY difficult to navigate, and she cried right on cue at about ten punch lines. It’s funny now, but wasn’t funny as it was happening. There’s nothing to do but press on.

On the way there I stopped to visit fellow Jerry’s Kidder Tim Slagle since he’s located in Indiana, and broke a filling on a sandwich he made for me. I haven’t had dental torture in a while, but now that’s back in the mix too apparently. It just doesn’t stop. What gives?

Whatever it is, this is an odd stretch. I did my time and got my check at the gig, but I’m not thrilled. I wanted to light it up for them. My tooth hurts too. All I can do is press on.

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