Two States, Too Fun

Friday May 21st, 2010 – Milwaukee, WI/Crystal Lake, IL

I have to admit, life is really starting to get fun right about now. All kinds of things are happening on a daily basis that I really enjoy. I’ll also admit that in the past I’ve often had a tendency to bitch, piss, moan, whine, complain or bellyache about a whole lot of things. I realize that I can be picky, fussy, flighty and many times have been difficult to please.

Part of that may have to do with my creative nature, another part could be my childhood dented can experiences. Still another part could be that I’m a just garden variety kook bag wandering around on the wrong planet. A good bet would be a combination of the three.

Whatever the case, I’ve got a nice little groove going right now. I feel it. I’m coming off a depression funk recently, but that feels light years away right now. I’m at peace with my inner self and whatever demons I’ve had must have gotten bored with me and moved on.

None of this means it can’t or won’t change, but I do want to acknowledge the positive groove I’m in and be grateful for it. I feel almost bulletproof right now, and the reason for it is I know what I’m doing and am pleasing myself first. Everyone else takes a back seat.

I’m doing things my way, and enjoying each day to the fullest. Today was another good example. I drove up to Milwaukee to be a guest on ‘The D-List’ radio show on ESPN 540 in Milwaukee with Drew Olson. Dan Needles was off and several guests were filling in.

I was a little late due to road construction, but I did get there and shared the studio with the always lovely Caitlin Morall, who wasn’t wearing makeup and was STILL scorching hot, and Stephanie Sutton, sportscaster from Channel 12. She’s by far no homely muppet herself, and was very sweet and fun both on mike and off. It was totally worth the drive.

I cracked off a few good lines and made everyone laugh, and I also got to plug my Hard Luck Jollies CD for a few minutes, which Drew was very kind to do. It was a blast as I’ve come to always expect it to be, and even the owner Craig Karmazin made it a point to say some very nice things before I left. When does THAT ever happen in radio? Uh…never?

Tonight I did a show at The Raue Center in Crystal Lake, IL. I was there before a while back with Tim Walkoe, but it was a last minute fill in. I opened the show both as a favor and for the money, but tonight I was the headliner. It’s funny how the staff congratulated me for being ‘moved up’, and one lady only half jokingly asked if I thought I was ready.

I faked a look of terror and said “Geez, I don’t know. Got any extra jokes in case I need to stretch the time?” She didn’t laugh at all and probably didn’t know if I was kidding or not, but after I came off stage nobody had any doubts. These people were mine tonight.

Everything was right about this show. The place was full and the crowd happened to be totally into my vibe and rhythm. And, I was paid BEFORE I went on! Hear that, maggots who bounce checks? This was a great day all around, and even the weather was perfect.

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