In Leno’s Defense

Sunday May 2nd, 2010 – Kenosha, WI

I read an article today that told of how Jay Leno reportedly ‘bombed’ at a White House Correspondents Dinner, having to follow President Obama. Bombed my ass. Those idiots wouldn’t know funny if it landed on The White House lawn and perched on the petunias.

I know I wasn’t there, and I’m not sorry about that, but whatever anyone says about Jay Leno, he’s a master comic. Period. Master comics don’t ‘bomb’. The audience might not like the jokes and they might choose not to laugh, but it doesn’t mean Jay Leno didn’t do the job. He just might not have been funny to that particular bunch of stuffed shirt losers.

Every comedian has shows where he or she and the audience don’t click. Sometimes it comes from a lack of experience. THAT’S bombing. The audience is usually not at fault, but sometimes it is. I think that’s the case here. The article was written by some pompous wank who went on to rave about how hilarious Wanda Sykes was last year, but Jay Leno wasn’t. That’s an opinion, but the way it was stated made me want to slap that imbecile.

Comedy is DIFFICULT, and I challenge anyone to go up after the damn President, who isn’t exactly the epitome of hilarity himself, and squeeze laughs out of dorks in tuxedos. I have no idea what Jay Leno’s political slant is, but as a comedian I have to defend him for having to go up in such a circumstance. I’m sure he was paid well, but that’s not the point at all. The point is, some never was and never will be who never did comedy ripped him.

I’ve been in many a version of that same scenario. I’m in a room filled with a group that has no idea what comedy is, and they expect me to ‘make’ them laugh. That doesn’t ever happen. It’s a dance between comic and audience, and both parties have an important job.

I’m starting to have serious doubts as to whether or not I should continue to do the radio   show “The Mothership Connection” on WLIP AM 1050 in Kenosha, WI Sunday evening from 8pm to midnight. I’m not seeing much of a payoff for all my time and energy spent.

It’s been over two years now, and it’s getting to be a chore in many ways. It’s always an adventure one way or another, but mostly it’s been very good. I’ve really learned a lot and grown exponentially as a talk show host, something I’ve really never done much of before this show. I was always the wacky side kick on a morning show, throwing in one liners.

I still throw in one liners here too, but I’m the one in charge of driving the show. It’s my call as to when to throw in a joke or shut up and let the guest talk. It’s also up to me to put callers on the air, and how much leeway to allow them. I try not to have to hang up on any of them, but once in a while I’ve had to. The whole thing has been a positive experience.

Now it’s time to put up or shut up. I’ve had a lot of fun people come and go as co-hosts, but it’s hard to get a rhythm going because nobody’s getting paid. People drift off, and we find someone else. That’s fine, but unless money comes in I’m done playing radio. I have a hard enough time keeping my bills paid doing something ‘stable’, like standup comedy.


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