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Tuesday April 6th, 2010 – Lake Villa, IL

What person’s bucket list doesn’t include attending the glamorous world wide premiere of their very first movie? Everyone dreams of being in Hollywood and climbing out of the limo with a trophy babe and having cameras go off like a strobe light as they proudly strut down that red carpet to be interviewed by Access Hollywood or Entertainment Tonight.

Most people never get to experience it, but I have to believe that’s how everyone thinks it would be if it did happen. I know I did. That being said, I will be driving up to the Brat Stop on Highway 50 in Kenosha, WI to participate in the premiere of the film “Dead Air” which was directed by Mark Gumbinger tomorrow night and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Mark is a friend of my radio co-host Dr. Destruction and he brought Mark in to promote his last film “Time-Men”, which also debuted at the Brat Stop. I wasn’t able to attend that one, but I respect anyone who has the guts to hang in there and make a movie. I never for a minute thought it was easy, and I always like to help promote a local artist of any kind.

One thing led to another and Mark asked me to be in his new film “Dead Air”. It has an excellent cast and the main star is Lou Rugani, an amazingly talented guy. Lou has one of the best radio voices on Earth and works at WLIP where I do The Mothership Connection on Sunday nights. He provides the voiceover for the station and our show too. He’s great.

Lou has always been a wonderful person and is about as humble and laid back as a truly talented person can get. His acting is superb as well, as is the entire cast. I got a chance to watch some of the scenes being filmed before I was on and I was impressed. Mark knows what he wants and I thought he was very easy to work with. He directed me and I did it.

The premiere is going to be a fun event, and I sure hope lots of people can attend. Mark is charging $7 which is dirt cheap, and it includes not only a viewing of the film but some standup from me up front and a set from Dr. Destruction’s band The Dead Leathers. I am flattered and honored to be a part of this, and I know how much hard work it took to do it.

If anyone wants to go, I have some discount tickets to get in for $5, and that requires the inclusion of a non perishable food item to give to people in need. I’m going to stop before I get there and bring something myself, as I think that’s a classy thing Mark is doing here.

There are local people in the film like Carol Strempfler who plays Lou Rugani’s wife in the film. She is a regular caller to all the shows on WLIP and she did a great job not only on camera but on the set as well. I’m excited to be a part of the event because I love to see someone’s dream become reality. Mark put his sweat into this as did everyone in the cast.

I was also in my friend Bob Richards’ son Kyle’s movie a while back, but that premiere has been pushed back a little. No worries, I’ll be glad to go to that one too. But for now, it looks like my world premiere in movies is going to be held at the Brat Stop and somehow that seems to be a perfect fit for Mr. Lucky. I’m not complaining at all. It will be big fun.


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