Sunday Night Fever

Sunday April 4th, 2010 – Kenosha, WI

If there’s a  better way to spend four hours on Sunday evenings than talking on the radio about UFO abductions, ghost hauntings, time travel, crop circles, pyramid power, ancient civilizations, conspiracy theories and zombies – I sure haven’t found it. I really love being on the air with The Mothership Connection on AM 1050 WLIP in Kenosha, WI. It’s fun.

This was our second week of stretching out to four hours, and I must admit at first I was a little concerned about filling that much time and making it flow. We aced it both weeks, and I’m no longer worried in the least. In fact, we had to squeeze to pack everything in.

The show is getting better because I’ve made it a point to try to make it better. Co-hosts come and go for various reasons, but never because they’re dissatisfied with the show. I’ll take at least some of the credit for that because I make the vibe laid back and fun, unlike a lot of radio people who don’t want anyone to be funnier or more prominent than they are.

I’m just the opposite. I’m the daddy driving the station wagon full of people, but I let all the passengers participate in the conversation. I know where I’m headed, and all the other people are coming along for a fun ride. It’s worked out great so far and should continue.

I like having a woman in the mix for many reasons. It splits up the testosterone and also provides another viewpoint with a recognizable voice. Diane Ebert works at sister station 102.3 XLC in Waukegan but she has three jobs and is overworked at the moment. She’s a very good co-host but needs to take a little time off to recharge her batteries. I understand.

She said she wants to come back and I’m sure she will but tonight Grey Dolan slid in to  that spot seamlessly. She’s been a guest on the show and adds to the mix quite nicely in a totally different way. It’s amazing how any time someone has moved on, another has been waiting in the wings and steps right in. If the rest of my life worked this easy, I’d be set.

Joey O’Shey has really stepped up to the plate as well. He did radio in Boston for years and understands how the radio game works. He’s been showing up and adding to what’s happening and together with Gary Pansch we’ve got a very solid core to work with every week. Then we add guests and callers and it’s a blast and a half packed into four hours.

One of our former co-hosts Scott Markus is out in Los Angeles because he got a job out there, but I’d love to get him back into the mix. He’s up for it, now I have to find a way to fit him in. He adds a lot because he has a book called “Voices From The Chicago Grave”, and he knows a lot of people in the horror movie industry too. He covers a lot of ground.

We’ve been banging these shows out for just over two years now, and I’m just now at a point where I’m feeling good enough to start promoting it. The people around me are very competent and the shows get better and better. The topics are interesting and I know there is an audience for this. I think it’s on the internet, but the station streams so we’re in good shape there. It’s in case you ever feel like listening on a Sunday evening.


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