Pelosi Whipped

Sunday March 21st, 2010 – Milwaukee, WI/Kenosha, WI

I don’t enjoy going off on political rants, I have my own problems that take up the bulk of my waking hours. Keeping rent paid and gas in my 17 year old dented up tin can car is plenty for my skull to handle each month, along with all of the projects I have going now.

The last thing I need to do is have to watch my back for my own government, but that’s what seems to be happening. Who the hell elected these monkey bastards to Congress and why are they destroying the country I used to be so proud of? Is Ashton Kutcher behind it and we’re all getting Punk’d? Surely this has GOT to be a joke, right? I’m not laughing.

What person living in the real world really thinks this health care idea is good for any of us who actually work for a living? Really? You trust the GOVERNMENT to make things BETTER? How’s the post office doing these days? There’s a flaming example of how the fine peeps in Washington ‘git ‘er done’. What proficiency! What a system! What a joke.

Who the hell is Nancy Pelosi and why isn’t she getting a work boot up her smarmy ass? Has she ever had to slug it out and have to pay her own bills? I highly doubt it. Nobody in the circles I frequent wants anything to do with this idiotic money sucking piece of insane legislation, and in my book that should equal ‘We the people’. They’re jamming it on us.

Before those who say it get locked up in camps, I do NOT approve of my government’s performance from the unqualified slicker than snake snot talking head Socialist President right on down the line. Joe Biden is a pompous idiot, as is his partner in crime the equally clueless Nancy Pelosi. As far as anyone worth a sneeze in Congress, I can’t think of one.

Those people aren’t for us, about us or among us. They’re in their own little world with our money and are spending it on ‘Hershey bars and Archie comics’ as my grandpa would often say. I saw the picture in the paper of everyone walking hand in hand like this is such a wonderful thing and I almost puked. America as I thought it stood for is officially over.

My grandparents were staunch supporters of the slogan ‘America – love it or leave it.’ If they were alive today, I bet they’d be making travel plans. I would move, but I don’t think I should have to. How about starting with the millions of ‘undocumented’ people who are here sucking up the resources meant for AMERICANS? Can’t they get sent somewhere?

I was born here, work here, pay my taxes and am trying to survive week to week, month to month, year to year. It’s getting harder and harder to do that, and seeing what’s coming out of Washington from people who are supposed to be protecting us is frightening me as much as any horror movie ever has. This nightmare isn’t on Elm Street, it’s everywhere.

This isn’t a nasty right wing tirade. I’m not thrilled with the Bush administration either. I just think it isn’t too much to ask to be represented by someone with a clue who can see what a mistake this whole health care bill is. We got ZERO vote, it was forced upon us by a demented crew of clueless mooks who I wouldn’t trust to piss out a cigarette butt spark.

I agree there are major problems with the health care system, but this sure isn’t going to fix anything. When was the last time any government fixed anything? Mussolini said he’d get the trains to run on time. Did he ever do it? If he did, it sure came with a giant price.

Let’s look in the mirror to start fixing health care. We’re a nation of fat ass lazy halfwits who don’t exercise, and I’m putting myself right at the top of that category. I just had a bit of a wakeup call with my little gout episode a couple of weeks ago. It’s funny now, but no pain I’ve felt in years compared to how much my knee hurt. And what caused it? DIET.

I eat too much red meat and sugar and don’t exercise enough, and if the left ventricle of my heart should happen to explode halfway through my next hot fudge sundae, who’d be responsible for that? The government? That’s the message I’m getting with all this hooey.

NOBODY seems to have the desire to look in the damn mirror for the source of all their problems…and solutions too by the way. Why are we in bad health? We’re fat and lazy as a country, and it’s getting worse. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t need to have a hand in enabling us to do whatever we want and then middle class people who bust ass have to pay for it all.

Political correctness has gone way past any boundaries of sensibility, and nobody seems to be able to say or hear the truth without having someone else step in and try to soften it. I can’t say I disapprove of the President without being called a racist. Really? Who said it had anything to do with race? It never did, but since that topic is up, let’s talk about that.

Why are people so hypocritical when it comes to issues of race? All the Hallmark cards and pie in the sky wankers that yammer on constantly about ‘I don’t see color’ and ‘we’re all one people’ go out of their way to support Cinco de Mayo and Martin Luther King day but if I would ever have a ‘Hey, I’m glad I’m a whitey’ day I’d be the social leper outcast.

I still get blamed for slavery and people think it’s ok to ask for reparations, even though they were never slaves themselves. Get your head out of your aspirations and welcome to planet Earth, where I thought we were supposed to get by on our own merits, at least here in America. It’s supposed to be a melting pot for freedom, not a piss pot for freeloaders.

This whole health care insanity REALLY infuriates me. Nobody owes anyone anything. Get your totalitarian state government out of my face, and let me go live my life trying to figure out what the right path is. Where is my pursuit of happiness? My government is on an apparent mission to relieve me of that pursuit so I can help fund illegitimate children.

Of course there are people who need help from somewhere. They should get it too, but I don’t think it should come from Washington. There are private sources and other options and if people in charge would THINK rather than throw tax money at it, we’d get it fixed.

This is like handicapped parking spaces. Why do we need so many? It screws things up for the masses, and it would be cheaper to call a cab for a handicapped person who really needed to go shopping. They’d get their needs met and the rest of us would park easier.


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