Team Dynamics

Sunday October 18th, 2009 – Kenosha, WI

Green Bay Packers win, Chicago Bears lose. Any time that happens it’s a splendiferous day in my world. I’m ashamed to admit that I feel that way, but I do. I’m a Packer fan for life and no matter how much I say I don’t care about who wins or loses, I know I‘m lying. I wish I could just turn off that switch inside me but I can’t find the fuse box. I’m hooked.

The Packers weren’t shown in the Chicago market so I took that as a sign to keep going on my projects and get something productive done instead. Sitting around for three hours shouting obscenities at a TV isn’t going to get me anywhere but a mental health facility.

I don’t have to watch the games anymore, I just want to know the outcome. This wasn’t a marquee match up and in fact I heard it was an ugly game, even though the Packers won 26-0. They played the Detroit Lions who were riddled with injury. That’s like getting into a fist fight at a nursing home. A victory doesn’t mean much but it feels good to kick ass.

I’m interested in kicking ass with a purpose. Life is a much tougher opponent than some old croaker in a convalescent center and I have to deal with getting hit back. Hard. I don’t have three hours on a Sunday to waste watching football right now so I’ll use that time to better myself while most of the rest of America is rotting on a couch in a pigskin trance.

That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy that and won’t be doing it in the future, but for now it’s more important to keep the positive momentum going. Step by step I’m starting to get my battle plan together and am surrounding myself with the most skilled people I can think of to team up with in every area so I can make a team that gets us all where we want to go.

I’ve got Marc Schultz in place for handling corporate bookings. I’ve got Jerry’s Kidders to give me something fun to be part of on the radio, as well as the Mothership Connection on WLIP in Kenosha, WI. Those are two teams of outstanding people that make me show up every week just because I enjoy their company. I‘m laying the foundation for success.

I’ve got Todd Hunt to help me with a promotional campaign and Vince Vieceli to help align my lesson plans with classes and one by one I’m putting people in place that have a special knack for whatever particular facet I need to develop. Shelley handles my web site but she’s working full time now so I’ve got some others lined up to help out in that area.

I’m working on finding people for all areas. Bill Gorgo is helping me with classes and it fits perfectly. He’s funny, knows what he’s talking about and we get along great. Zanies is still booking me and lets me do pretty much whatever I want when it comes to teaching at their locations so I’ve got a great base of operations in Chicago. There are some positives.

I’m also weeding out the leakers. The numbers game of life is such that if I run across a weenie I really don’t have to have any interaction with him or her very long. I can choose to go around them or ignore them but I don’t have to let them bother me like they used to. That alone is an empowering concept. Why waste time on imbeciles without any vision?

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